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    See below for books... Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the author of 19 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. Her books are packed with inspiration, information, education, stories, life lessons on spiritual LAW and how to ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE. SEE BELOW.

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    13 Signs You're a Witch

    How to Determine Conclusively That You're a Witch & What to Do About It

    Enter the inner sanctum and explore... are you a Witch? Have you wondered... or do you KNOW? Are you unclear on exactly what Witch is or means? Do unanswered questions about your bloodline plague you? Is there a knowing deep in your heart of Magick but you're just not sure how to access and channel it? Does it make you afraid to consider the truth... that you are indeed a Witch? Are you a baby Witch who's looking for clarity? Are you in the Christian world and haven't come out as a Witch yet for fear of backlash and judgment?


    Fret not. The answers are here from decades of my life experiences that I pray serve as a lighthouse, comes 13 signs you're a Witch, what to do with the power and Coven Conversations. This book is a must-have addition to every Witch's library.


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    Magickal Prayers for the Christian Witch

    Includes Tarot & Essential Oil Correspondences

    The 3rd installment in the hot seeling series on Christian Witchcraft...


    As a practicing Christian Witch, have you ever looked for just the right prayers, invocations and WORDS OF POWER to use and found you had to dig a little more than you cared to? Or you may have desired just the right words but were challenged in putting them together yourself? Here's the Witchy resource packed with MAGICKAL WORDS OF POWER arranged to infuse your spells and rituals with that burst of power you're looking for. These prayers for the practicing Christian Witch are otherworldly.

    Spellcrafting for the Christian Witch

    A Compendium of Christian Witchcraft

    A compendium of Christian Witchcraft... your magick will never be the same. This cutting edge book delves into layer upon layer of magickal practices, ritual creation and spell crafting to become a Master Alchemist.


    Are you unclear on exactly WHAT Christian Witchcraft is? What kind of spells do we cast as practicing Christian Witches? What is Bible Magick and how can it be used to effect transformation in our personal lives and the world? How can YOU become a MASTER ALCHEMIST who crafts and casts potent spells as a Christian Witch?


    Includes the 11-STEP FORMULA for SPELLCRAFTING

    Christian Witches Manifesto

    A Christian Witches Manifesto & How to Write Your Own

    If you have not written your Manifesto as a practicing Christian Witch, now is the perfect opportunity to undertake crafting this power document. Your Manifesto is a statement of how you roll, what you stand for and what you stand ON. It's the declaration to yourself and the entire universe of what you're about, and how you effect your craft. This indispensible document is the North Star for the practicing Christian Witch.

    How to Be a Christian Witch

    Includes Initiation Instructions

    As a beginner or experienced Christian Witch, you may have had critical questions along the way, as I did. Questions regarding celebrations/holy days, rituals, covens, magickal protocols and initiation as a Christian Witch are very real on this path and beg soul-fulfilling answers. Because Christian Witches is not a religion, there are no set protocols and practices. The good news is: you get to create your own! That's where this book comes in. This 180 page bombshell is a tiny book packed with big ideas, inspirations and experiences from my magickal journey. Our rituals, magickal practices and celebrations sustain and grow us as aspirants on this divine path.

    Confessions of a Christian Witch

    How an Ex-Jehovah's Witness Lives Magickal & How You Can Too! - NEW 2020 EDITION!

    This is the breakout, tell-all, no-holds-barred confessions of a Christian Witch... namely: Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI).


    In this candid self-revealing work, Rev. Val shares secrets of her past that have never before been revealed (even on her wildly popular EX-JW YouTube vids). GET READY to drink in the deliciousness of how Rev. Val endures and ultimately overcomes a debilitating depression -- a true dark night of the soul -- to eventually free herself from the cult and be true to her nature by acknowledging self as a born Witch, and choosing to practice magick.

    40 Money Mantras

    40 Days to Wealth Consciousness!

    If you are ready to ACTIVATE WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS, you have arrived at the doorway. Your intention created the experience of connecting with this book, these mantras, here and now. Mantras on one page, journal lined pages on the opposite side of each mantra, and the process of blossoming wealth consciousness are all provided for you inspiration and enlightenment. It's time to FREE yourself of ANY experience other than the perfection of the Creator as ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY and WEALTH!

    40 Money Spells

    40 Days to Wealth Consciousness

    This is a book of 40 short, powerful, practical, proven spells for WEALTH CREATION.


    This magick is simple, born of necessity… my own burning desire to unleash myself from the shackles of lack and limitation that seemed to haunt me at every turn, even when I had money.


    In this 40-Day process, we only spell SELF. We do not spell outer conditions. There is no need to spell outer conditions. Outer conditions have no power. This magick acknowledges that all the power to effect change in your world is INSIDE YOU. This magick takes an ‘inside-out’ approach, rather than the forms of magick that cast spells on other people or on anything outside of self. If you change, all else will change. That’s the heart and soul of this magick: SELF TRANSFORMATION. ALCHEMY OF THE SOUL.

    40 Money Secrets

    40 Days to Wealth Consciousness

    The next installment in the breakthrough series on money manifestation and wealth creation... only for those who are READY for a quantum leap in finances. This is the book to catalyze the massive inner transformation and ACTION STEPS that must be taken to realize your inherent wealth potential.


    Follow the LIVE SHOW on YouTube. This book releases on the Spring Equinox: Saturday, March 20, 2021


    Daily Meditations to Co-Create & Manifest a Bliss-filled Life!

    Soulgasm is Not sure of why you're here? Wondering where to go next? Have the feeling that you're here to do great and important work, yet you just don't know what it is? You know you were created for greatness, and you know the life you're living now doesn't reflect the greatness in you.


    This work, featuring daily readings, teaches you how to live a fuller, richer, more purposeful life in the 'P-Spot'... where purpose, passion, power & prosperity align to give you SOULGASM every time!!!

    How to Trust

    A Psalms Prayer Journal

    If you're suffering from trust issues, this may be the solution you're looking for. The book of Psalms reveals a surprising twist on TRUST, revealed in this work that includes each scripture reference containing the word TRUST in the book of Psalms, affirmations and journal pages for you to write your own prayers of trust. Psalms bids you to deepen in TRUST and heighten your PRAISE.


    22 Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself

    Divalicious is a celebration of YOU, the divine feminine, and leads you gently into the realms of deep and radical self-love, from the inside out. Here are 22 MAJOR SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES in workbook format to integrate for your path to COMPLETE & TOTAL SELF-LOVE!


    This is DIVALICIOUS...

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