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    Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the author of 18 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. Her books are packed with inspiration, information, anecdotes, stories, life lessons and spiritual LAW to ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE.

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    How to Be a Christian Witch

    Includes Initiation Instructions

    As a beginner or experienced Christian Witch, you may have had critical questions along the way, as I did. Questions regarding celebrations/holy days, rituals, covens, magickal protocols and initiation as a Christian Witch are very real on this path and beg soul-fulfilling answers. Because Christian Witches is not a religion, there are no set protocols and practices. The good news is: you get to create your own! That's where this book comes in. This 130 page bombshell is a tiny book packed with big ideas, inspirations and experiences from my magickal journey. For me, being a Christian Witch is a spiritual path. On this path, our rituals, magickal practices and celebrations of sacred lunar and solar events sustain and grow us as aspirants. I pray this book feeds your soul, and inspires you to walk your path as a Christian Witch with your held high, sharing your gifts with the world, completely fulfilled in every imaginable way. I love you.

    Christian Witches Manifesto

    A Christian Witches Manifesto & How to Write Your Own

    This 10-Tenet Manifesto for Christian Witches is for you if you're anything like me... I had ideas in my mind of what I knew to be true for me as a Christian Witch, and what I hold dear on my path. I knew the ideas had to be in writing. Just as with all great documents, such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, a manifesto becomes an organizing set of principles that can be communicated and implemented.

    Confessions of a Christian Witch

    How an Ex-Jehovah's Witness Lives Magickal & How You Can Too! - NEW 2020 EDITION!

    This is the breakout, tell-all, no-holds-barred confessions of a Christian Witch... namely: Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI).


    In this candid self-revealing work, Rev. Val shares secrets of her past that have never before been revealed (even on her wildly popular EX-JW YouTube vids). GET READY to drink in the deliciousness of how Rev. Val endures and ultimately overcomes a debilitating depression -- a true dark night of the soul -- to eventually free herself from the cult and be true to her nature by acknowledging self as a born Witch, and choosing to practice magick.


    Now the founder of the Christian Witches Facebook Community and the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School tells her whole, naked truth.


    Also included are prayers, invocations and evocations from her Grimoire, especially for practicing Christian Witches. Also featured as a cherry-on-top to this tome are multiple comments from social media and Rev. Val's blog on coming out as a Christian Witch, what it has meant for her, and the broader implications for humanity. A MUST READ...

    40 Money Mantras

    40 Days to Wealth Consciousness!

    If you are ready to ACTIVATE WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS, you have arrived at the doorway. Your intention created the experience of connecting with this book, these mantras, here and now. Mantras on one page, journal lined pages on the opposite side of each mantra, and the process of blossoming wealth consciousness are all provided for you inspiration and enlightenment. It's time to FREE yourself of ANY experience other than the perfection of the Creator as ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY and WEALTH!

    40 Money Spells

    40 Days to Wealth Consciousness

    This is a book of 40 short, powerful, practical, proven spells for WEALTH CREATION.


    This magick is simple, born of necessity… my own burning desire to unleash myself from the shackles of lack and limitation that seemed to haunt me at every turn, even when I had money.


    In this 40-Day process, we only spell SELF. We do not spell outer conditions. There is no need to spell outer conditions. Outer conditions have no power. This magick acknowledges that all the power to effect change in your world is INSIDE YOU. This magick takes an ‘inside-out’ approach, rather than the forms of magick that cast spells on other people or on anything outside of self. If you change, all else will change. That’s the heart and soul of this magick: SELF TRANSFORMATION. ALCHEMY OF THE SOUL.

    40 Money Scriptures

    Bibliomancy for Enlightened Wealth

    The Bible is a book of metaphysics, allegory, ritual, symbolism, astrology, magick, angelology, demonology, miracles and more, and is vastly misunderstood.


    This tome seeks to take the mystery out of using the Bible for enlightened wealth. Bibliomancy is a powerful means to source answers, revelations and insights on any situation and/or question and can be used for any and all aspects of the soul's evolutionary journey.


    If you're new to Bibliomancy, or using the Bible for Enlightened Wealth, you're invited to dive in and experience it for yourself. Only YOU are the true and final arbiter of what's right for you. Accompanying this book is a YouTube playlist where we’ll have 40 videos to accompany each scripture here to be used daily. You can find the video playlist on the YouTube channel here.

    The Bible 11:11 Code

    Oracle for Christian Witches

    Is there a code in the Bible related to 11:11 that can be tapped in to for answers to burning queries? It turns out, YES, there is, and YES, it can be used to answer life's burning questions. The Bible is a code book, a book of allegory, myth, legend, and can be understood on many levels... prophetically, metaphysically, allegorically, symbolically, and more. To glean the wisdom of the Bible 11:11 Code in a way that answers important questions, it is here arranged in a series of 31 scripture passages, in order from the Bible, along with the accompanying answers. Use this Oracle for life's queries, from the simple to the complex, and everything in between...


    30 Prayers for the Universal Soul

    PRAY is a collection of powerful prayers written to appeal to persons of all faith walks, religions and spiritual paths. Included are prayers for prosperity, healing and comfort, as well as prayers of surrender and intercessory prayers. A unique prayer based upon the 23rd Psalm opens this collection for the universal soul. Read, pray and grow. Prayer changes things--experience a transformation today.


    Daily Meditations to Co-Create & Manifest a Bliss-filled Life!

    Soulgasm is Not sure of why you're here? Wondering where to go next? Have the feeling that you're here to do great and important work, yet you just don't know what it is? You know you were created for greatness, and you know the life you're living now doesn't reflect the greatness in you.


    This work, featuring daily readings, teaches you how to live a fuller, richer, more purposeful life in the 'P-Spot'... where purpose, passion, power & prosperity align to give you SOULGASM every time!!!

    How to Trust

    A Psalms Prayer Journal

    If you're suffering from trust issues, this may be the solution you're looking for. The book of Psalms reveals a surprising twist on TRUST, revealed in this work that includes each scripture reference containing the word TRUST in the book of Psalms, affirmations and journal pages for you to write your own prayers of trust. Psalms bids you to deepen in TRUST and heighten your PRAISE.


    22 Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself

    Divalicious is a celebration of YOU, the divine feminine, and leads you gently into the realms of deep and radical self-love, from the inside out. Here are 22 MAJOR SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES in workbook format to integrate for your path to COMPLETE & TOTAL SELF-LOVE!


    This is DIVALICIOUS...

    God Speaks to Me

    Stories of Triumph Over Tragedy from Women Who

    This inspirational collage of 5 true life stories features women who, through difficult and often tragic lessons, learn how to lead a life that is divinely guided by listening to God's voice within. The stories include a woman who was married to an addict, another whose 10-year relationship with a married man comes to a heart-breaking and dramatic close, and the author's own story of triumph over financial disaster. This book will teach you how to listen to and follow the guidance God provides on a second-by-second basis by using the sacred lessons at the end of each chapter along with probing questions, to engage your heart and mind in an insightful examination!

    God Is In Love With You

    Allow God's Love to Manifest in Your Life Today!

    God Is In Love With You presents a radically transformative spiritual perspective: God is head over heels in love with you and will stop at nothing to express it in every moment of every day, and in every circumstance. This spiritual handbook teaches HOW to tap into the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of the Creator WITHIN...

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