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    God Is In Love With You

    Allow God's Love to Manifest in Your Life Today!

    God Is In Love With You presents a radically transformative spiritual perspective: God is head over heels in love with you and will stop at nothing to express it in every moment of every day, and in every circumstance. Realizing our own capacity to connect with God's unconditional love creates an opportunity for blissful living.


    30 Prayers for the Universal Soul

    PRAY is a collection of powerful prayers written to appeal to persons of all faith walks, religions and spiritual paths. Included are prayers for prosperity, healing and comfort, as well as prayers of surrender and intercessory prayers. A unique prayer based upon the 23rd Psalm opens this collection for the universal soul. Read, pray and grow. Prayer changes things--experience a transformation today.


    Daily Meditations to Co-Create & Manifest a Bliss-filled Life!

    Soulgasm is Not sure of why you're here? Wondering where to go next? Have the feeling that you're here to do great and important work, yet you just don't know what it is? You know you were created for greatness, and you know the life you're living now doesn't reflect the greatness in you.


    This work, featuring daily readings, teaches you how to live a fuller, richer, more purposeful life in the 'P-Spot'... where purpose, passion, power & prosperity align to give you SOULGASM every time!!!

    40 Money Mantras

    40 Days to Wealth Consciousness!

    If you are ready to ACTIVATE WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS, you have arrived at the doorway. Your intention created the experience of connecting with this book, these mantras, here and now. Mantras on one page, journal lined pages on the opposite side of each mantra, and the process of blossoming wealth consciousness are all provided for you inspiration and enlightenment. It's time to FREE yourself of ANY experience other than the perfection of the Creator as ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY and WEALTH manifested!