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    (aka KAISI)

    Best Selling Author of 24 Books on Practical Spirituality

    Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the author of 24 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. As an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, practicing Christian Witch and global retreat leader, her soul mission is to INSPIRE to FREEDOM.


    After selling her financial planning practice at American Express Financial Advisors in 2004, Rev. Val pursued writing full time, answering the call of her soul to teach and inspire. In April of 2005 she conducted her first public workshop, intentionally saying YES to standing in the truth of soul knowing to be an agent of transformation. In June of 2005, she led her first retreat for a group of 26 women titled "The Divine Life's Purpose Women's Retreat" and the next phase in her soul unfoldment blossomed open like a rose.


    Shortly thereafter, Valerie Love secured a 5-figure, 2 book deal with a major publishing house in New York, and published the books God Speaks to Me and God Is In Love With You. Since then, she's published an additional 17 books with her own publishing company: Butterfly Rising Publishing.


    In 2009 she uploaded her first video to YouTube and has since reached over 4 million viewers.


    As a professionally trained coach, Rev. Val travels globally and leads retreats in exotic and spiritually charged hot spots including Bali, Dubai, Cannes, Paris, Peru, India, China, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Sedona and Salem for women to rise to their zenith and birth their most magnificent work into the world. She's affectionately known as the Divine Midwife of Soul Destiny.


    On one of her Ayahuasca journeys in Peru, Rev. Val received the name KAISI (meaning one who plants seeds and nurtures them to grow), a divine blueprint for her work of ascending consciousness.


    You have a divine opportunity to work with KAISI to ascend your consciousness, destiny and wealth in the exclusive membership ASCENSION.


    Text us at 575-VALERIE for details.


    You are loved!

  • Magick

    "The first time I called myself a 'Witch' was the

    most magical moment of my life."

    Margot Adler

    A Page From KAISI's Journey...

    Are you on a magickal journey?

    For as long as I can remember I've always been 'magickal'... seeing things that people said 'weren't there' or daydreaming in far-away worlds as a child and being constantly 'snapped' back to 'reality' by teachers and other big people...


    What I had not fully come to terms with as a young person was the truth of my nature: I am a born Witch.


    The word Witch engenders power in some and fear in others. The determining factor in what comes up for us when we hear the word 'Witch' is consciousness. One person is ecstatic about the possibilities of Magick while another is stricken with terror (mostly due to ignorance and misinformation, and not from actual personal experience with Witches and/or Magick).


    Growing up in the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses didn't help my magickal abilities take wings and flourish. Much the opposite, it attempted to lock down spiritual power within (that lives below the neck) in favor of a neck-up, head-only religious ideology.


    After 26 years I broke free, after a debilitating depression at the age of 30 in which I almost took myself out with a bottle of pills.


    The thought of my two beautiful children (aged 3 and newborn at the time) pulled me back from the edge.


    Since then, I've be on a SOUL MISSION to uncover and and reveal our Divinity and INSPIRE TO FREEDOM.


    I don't teach that I shouldn't have had the experience of being in a cult for 26 years, from age 4 (when they first stuck a Bible in my hands and told me to knock on doors with it in tow) to age 30 when my soul opened all the way up and simply and resolutely said


    NO MORE...


    No, I HAD to have EVERY experience I've had to be the Goddess I AM today... that much is clear.


    How we USE the experiences we've walked through, no matter how seemingly FAR FROM DESTINY they may appear to be, is the REAL GOLD.


    So I intentionally and consciously CHOOSE to dispel fear and ignorance so that we ALL ascend to a life of TOTAL & COMPLETE FREEDOM - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially... FREE from the shackles of religion, society, 'authority' figures, media and any other man made construct whose ideologies offend your soul.


    This is my Divine assignment on planet earth and I'm freakin' having a BLAST with it!!!


    I pray this magickal work unleashes ancient power in you that's beyond your wildest imaginings to heal and uplift self and all!!!


    Namaste & Blessed Be,


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