• "Your Book in 5 Days!"

    Mexico Retreat

    Monday - Friday

    March 22-26, 2021

    A retreat for Coaches, Creatives, Healers, Spiritpreneurs, Influencers and Entrepreneurs...


    Now you can write, publish and launch your book to the masses in 5 days from the gorgeous city of Merida in the Yucatan, Mexico.

    Eat amazing food, join our amazing community, do yoga in the mornings and deep breathe fresh air as you write and publish your book(s) in 5 days.




    Welcome to the


    Mexico Retreat


    Held in KAISI's new FAVE city in Mexico:



    See all the yummy details below...

  • Intention & Schedule

    Write, publish and market your amazing, value-packed books to a global, huge, hungry audience while in a gorgeous setting with beautiful people, amazing food along with guidance, mentoring and step-by-step instructions from a Master Coach. This is all accomplished with the greatest of ease, effortlessness, divine flow and beauty in loving, supportive, spiritual community for the most magnificent outcomes for all. Thy will be DONE!


    Welcome to Your Book in 5 Days!

    Our methodology for publishing your amazing message to the masses:


    You may be wondering how it's possible to write, publish and release your book to a hungry audience in only 5 days. It's a great question, one that can be answered quite simply:


    We have a SYSTEM.


    You, as a creative, have quite a challenge on your hands: to create amazing books that a huge hungry audience buys, reads, applies, loves and reviews.


    This is NOT an easy task in today's rapidly changing and increasingly complex publishing industry. The smartest people hire coaches and consultants to save them time, energy and money.

    That's what S.Y.S.T.E.M. stands for:


    Save Your Self Time, Energy & Money


    You could figure it out on your own, which would cost countless hours, energy and time that could be better invested in creating amazing books. If you had someone who could reveal the secrets, tools, resources and in's and out's of publishing, while providing you with personalized feedback and consulting on what will work for you, your genre, niche and message so that it sells like hotcakes, well, that's heaven.


    That's what we do.

    We save you time, energy and money,

    while giving you a specific AUTHOR BLUEPRINT for YOU, so that you PUBLISH.


    Here's our 4 Phase System...


    You, your intention, desire, vision and aspiration as an author...

    Are you thinking of 1 book, a trilogy, or a multi-book series?

    Journals to promote your business?

    Branded instructional books so your customers and clients understand your products and services?

    Full length books or low content/no content?

    Who's your target market?

    What's the big, hairy, painful problem you solve for them?

    What's the big, delicious pleasure you bring to your market?


    Marketing research for the perfect keywords to position your work above the noise is key. Establishing vision and value proposition are critical to creating amazing, cutting edge books that sell like hotcakes.


    This must be CLEAR before proceeding to the next steps. You'll gain this clarity by working with a professional author who teaches you step-by-step what to do at the retreat and in private consulting (if you choose the Luxe Package).


    Now that you have your initial step nailed down tight, it's time to get to creating this amazing book of yours!


    This is where you learn strategies to write books without writing (including speech-to-text solutions and social media curation), along with editing tools that make your work stellar, as well as tools for interior book design, cover art and cover design.

    You're releasing your book to the masses.



    You'll learn which publishing platforms are best for you, how they each work, and where to upload both ebook and paperback versions of your book.


    After the full blown creation process, it's time for the next phase in the process: PUBLICATION!


    Publishing is a tricky and rapidly changing business.


    We're here to ensure your success, from consulting with you on the publishing platforms for your unique creations, to which formats to publish in (eBook, paperback, hardcover, audio book, large print, etc.), to handling ISBN's, uploads and optimization on multiple platforms.


    We strategize and implement solutions and publishing options that are a PERFECT FIT for you, your brand, company or movement.


    Publising creates passive, leveraged, residual income.

    We're here to advise you on publishing options best suited to your profit and wealth goals so you maximize and optimize LEVERAGE.


    This is where it gets INSANELY GOOD with a marketing plan to sell thousands (and more) of your books to the masses in an aligned marketing campaign mapped out for your specific requirements, on the optimal platforms for you and your brand (including utilizing BookBub, GoodReads, Amazon Author Central, Pinterest Ads & Marketing and more).


    When it comes to getting the word out about your book, from book reviews to ARC's (Advance Reader Copies), we're your partner for AMPLIFICATION.


    We've successfully coached and consulted with authors in our 1-on-1 programs and author retreats and have published and marketed dozens of books.


    Here are the particulars for you to become a published author in only 5 days...

    Retreat Flow...

    You arrive in Merida, Mexico on or before Sunday, March 21, 2021.

    We begin bright and early on Monday morning so be sure to arrive the day before (or a few days before).

    We end the retreat on Friday afternoon at 3 PM.

    (Book your flights accordingly.)


    We'll work on your amazing books in our group focused sessions, interspersed with fine dining and swimming in the pool (yes, we'll be at a gorgeous location in Merida with a beautiful pool). I've heard being poolside makes your writing better (wink wink).


    You'll have the opportunity to share your message with the group, while receiving valuable feedback and consulting from professional published author of 20 non-fictions books, Rev. Valerie Love.


    This retreat is for non-fiction publising ONLY.

    We wouldn't attempt to write and publish an amazing novel in 5 days (I've never done that, so I certainly wouldn't be able to show you how to do it).


    Of course, spiritual coaching, tools and hacks are provided to move you through and past stuck points, inner resistance and everything that's stopped you from publishing your book up til now, if you require it.


    Just know that we get the job DONE.

    In 5 days.



    Yes, you'll work your little fingers like a worker bee. Yes, you'll stay up late at night to meet our daily word count. And yes, you may get frustrated with the process, or feel like you're running to keep up.

    But isn't that what makes for growth?


    Nothing spectacular is created without leaving your comfort zone.

    You wouldn't be reading this page if you were ordinary.


    Oh and yes, you'll be in Mexico. If you've never been here before, well, it's GORGEOUS. If you HAVE been here before, you already know.


    (Travel details are below for you.)

    Tuition Options

    There are 2 options for registration:


    Luxe Package

    The Luxe Package includes the entire retreat with materials, accommodations for 5 nights at our beautiful retreat location, and 3 private 1-on-1 sessions with Rev. Val. Sessions never expire and can be used for coaching, consulting and/or readings so that you and your book catapult through the stratosphere (travel expenses and food not included). You check in to your accommodations on Sunday and check out on Friday. Your accommodations can be a shared room (if you'd like a roommate) or a single room (if you'd like solitude). It's your choice.

    There will also be a nice gift waiting for you in your room.

    We like to treat you like the Royal you are.

    Luxe Package Tuition:



    Retreat Registration

    General attendance at the retreat includes your retreat tuition and materials (travel, accommodations and meals not included).

    Retreat Registration Only:


  • Important to Know

    Please give attention to these important details:

    Arrival & Departure Times

    ALL TIMES STATED for the retreat ARE IN MERIDA, MEXICO LOCAL TIME. Please use a time zone calculator when booking your airline reservations so that you arrive on or before SUNDAY (the day BEFORE the retreat) and depart Saturday (the day AFTER the retreat). Depending on where you are coming from in the world, travel to Mexico can be several hours. Prepare to arrive in Mexico a day or days before the start of the retreat on Monday morning, so that you can be WELL RESTED, FRESH and READY for PEAK CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY!!!

    Daily Spiritual Practice

    Daily Spiritual Practice at the retreat Monday through Friday is available for all attendees. Your daily spiritual practice is up to you, and can be undertaken privately or with other attendees. The choice is yours. We engage in spiritual practice early in the mornings for the perfect divine connection to Source!


    You will receive guidance at the retreat on how to engage in spiritual practices that support and inspire CREATIVITY and BEING SEEN.

    What to Wear

    Merida is tropical and hot. Check the weather before travel. Dress accordingly and bring a swimsuit if you desire!

    What to Bring

    If you enjoy walking, bring comfy shoes you can walk in. Pool attire is also appropriate. Bring journals of all your writing as well as bits of paper you've been writing on.


    YOUR COMPUTER is a MUST for writing and publishing your work. We will not publish your work using mobile devices, so YOU MUST HAVE YOUR COMPUTER with you.

    How to Prepare

    First and foremost, this is a spiritual retreat. Be sure to engage in your daily spiritual practice in the weeks leading up to the retreat so you are CLEAR and OPEN to divine guidance.


    This CLARITY will serve you well as we move through the elegant process of WRITING & PUBLISHING your book.

    Air Travel

    Travel by air to the Merida airport in Mexico.


    You can also travel to Cancun airport and take a scenic 3+ hour bus ride to Merida from the airport.


    We'll give you specific instructions in our retreat Zoom held before with attendees before the retreat.

    Your Mexico Visa

    A visa to enter Mexico is not required in advance if you are a citizen of one of the countries on the "VISA ON ARRIVAL" list. If you are traveling from the U.S., you will not require a Visa in advance. Just bring your passport and roll on in!


    Honor the guidelines and timeline of your visa and you'll be fine.

    Arriving Before/Staying After

    Feel free to arrive the day before the retreat. We begin Monday morning at 8 AM with our daily spiritual practice, then you may want to have breakfast to prepare for our first session at 9 AM Local Mexico Time. We conclude at 3 PM on Friday.


    Feel free to stay after the retreat to explore beautiful Merida, Mexico or anywhere near!


    Unless you register with the Luxe Package, accommodations are not included with your retreat registration. You can book your accommodations at the location where the retreat will be held once you're registered. Upon registration, you will receive a link with all booking information. Or you may find that you'd like to book your accommodations at a nearby venue or with roommates. We will have a dedicated WhatsApp chat for the retreat. Once you're registered, you'll be added to the chat by our retreat coordinator. We do not assign roommates. You coordinate roommates on your own, if desired.


    Due to the nature of this retreat, the location will only be disclosed to those who are registered attendees of the retreat. Thank you for overstanding!


    To prepare for this amazing excursion, WRITE. Yes, the more you write NOW, before the retreat, the easier it will be to pull all your work together and publish it.


    You will have access to a WhatsApp chat group for this retreat so that you receive instructions and stay in the loop.


    We'll have a Q&A Zoom with attendees and our retreat team to answer any and all questions. Once you're registered, you'll be contacted with access to the Zoom.


    Share with your audience! Tell your audience you're going to an Author Retreat in Mexico and you will return with a completed book! Nothing like public accountability to help you along. This also starts your marketing. Have them drooling for your new book!

    Luxe Package Sessions

    If you're registering with the Luxe Package, your sessions with Rev. Val can be held before or after the retreat (your preference). Sessions are held via Zoom and never expire, so you can even use them down the line for another book project, or whenever you get stuck or require support. After you're registered, you'll receive a scheduling link to book your appointments on the calendar at the times that work for you. We have weekend appointments available if required. We can also record your session and give you exclusive access so you retain all the resources and information Rev. Val provides.

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