• Intention & Schedule

    The intention for this retreat experience is to inspire, guide, tool and equip you to write your SOUL... in a safe space of pure unconditional love in shockingly beautiful environs. This SOUL WRITING becomes the book of the Holy Spirit's design, and is published with the greatest of EASE, GRACE & JOY!


    Day 1

    Monday, October 28, 2019

    Daily Spiritual Practice: 6 AM

    Morning Writing

    Session 1: 9 AM to 12 Noon

    Session 2: 2 PM to 5 PM

    Evening Writing

    During the first 2 sessions of the retreat we dive into:

    • Your writing style & the MUSE...
    • How to honor your VOICE and WRITE IT AUTHENTICALLY...
    • Why it's so hard to write and publish, and how to actually bare your soul on paper and have the GUTS to PUBLISH your work...
    • How to edit effortlessly and still function at PEAK CREATIVITY...
    • How to set a powerful intention for your work and mind-hack into peak productivity so that you complete your book in a matter of days... (not years)
    • How to honor inspiration and capture those ideas that come to you in the grocery store (-;
    • And a whole lot more...
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    Day 2

    Tuesday, October 29, 2019

    Daily Spiritual Practice: 6 AM

    Morning Writing

    Session 3: 9 AM to 12 Noon

    Session 4: 2 PM to 5 PM

    Evening Writing

    On the 2nd day of the retreat we dive into:

    • Paths to Publication...
    • How to acquire a book deal with a major publisher (KAISI's first and third books were published with a major publisher in a 2-book, 5-figure book deal) Here's how she did it...
    • What's a query letter? Do I need one?
    • What's a book proposal? Do I need one?
    • What are the royalties if I land a major book deal versus self-publishing my book(s)?
    • What platforms are best for self-publishing? And why?
    • And probably the most valuable of all: You'll receive KAISI's BOOK TEMPLATE for use with all your books IF you elect to self-publish.
    • And a whole lot more on the world of publishing your beautiful book baby!!!
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    Day 3

    Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    Daily Spiritual Practice: 6 AM

    Morning Writing

    Session 5: 9 AM to 12 Noon

    Session 6: 2 PM to 5 PM

    Evening Writing

    On the 3rd day of the retreat we dive into:

    • Writing, writing, writing!!!
    • YAAAAAAAY!!! You made it all the way to Bali to write and publish your book!!! And though you've had writing sessions on each day of the retreat thus far, today we dive into WRITING, WRITING, WRITING... let's see what comes up for you and on to the glorious page!!!
    • Because writing is so personal, and each person's process is so unique, we're creating a beautiful writing experience that can be enjoyed by all! YumMEE (-;
    • Right about this time at the retreat (we've been dong this for years) resistance, old fears and unprocessed emotions may come up. Don't concern yourself. We have tools for it ALL... This is the stuff that's preventing you from fluidly writing and publishing your book baby (or babies). FEAR ENDS NOW.
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    Day 4

    Thursday, October 31, 2019

    Daily Spiritual Practice: 6 AM

    Morning Writing

    Session 7: 9 AM to 12 Noon

    Session 8: 2 PM to 5 PM

    Evening Writing

    On the 4th day of the retreat we dive into:

    • Today is a BIG day because we actually set up your entire book... including title, cover design, ISBN, distribution channels, royalty payments and more!!! SOOOOO exciting... you made it this far and you're about to pull the trigger on this book baby and order your proof copy!!!
    • Today is also the day of MARKETING and how to place your book on the Amazon Best Seller's list and STAY THERE week after week after week... there's a design to ENSURING your book's place on the Amazon best seller list and taking screenshots for SOCIAL PROOF...
    • Marketing your book baby is CRITICAL for distribution and growth. This is where we put together your marketing plan, virtual book launch party, book signing party and coaching programs and healing circles all centered around YOUR BOOK.
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    Day 5

    Friday, November 1, 2019

    Daily Spiritual Practice: 6 AM

    Session 9: 9 AM to 12 Noon


    On the 5th and final day of the retreat we dive into:

    • You're an AUTHOR now... you've arrived in that beautiful space of DONE! Now we dive into NEXT STEPS for you including:
    • Marketing your book(s) to audiences/speaking engagements
    • Marketing your book on BLOGS
    • Marketing your book with YouTube and Influencers
    • Marketing your book with Facebook Ads
    • Creating TRAINING PROGRAMS, EVENTS & RETREATS around the process/topic/system in your book. Your book has the potential to bring you enormous blessings, let's tap in to ALL the Creator has for you!!!
    • NEXT STEPS for being an author and maximizing income...



    Register for $1500 until September 30, 2019 at 11:59pm EST

  • Are you READY?

    Taking this leap of faith makes you a SPIRITUAL GANGSTA...

    Ready? Let's do this...


    An Application will be sent to you via email after your registration is paid in full.

    Why do we ask you to apply for the retreat?


    For several reasons...


    First, we desire to learn more about you, your book and your Vision so we can serve you optimally at the retreat.


    Also, we'd love to see how all the authors come together in a synergistic mix to make magic happen. We love to see the group coming together before it actually appears in front of us.


    We also engage in prayer and candle work for all participants, and divination (if KAISI is led to do so) for the max spiritual energy for all we have to be AND do (we have a LOT to complete in 5 days, so we call in the heavy lifters in spirit realms to get the job done in GRACE and FLOW for EVERY author present, no matter what comes up for you...)


    The group of attendees will be meeting twice in October via Zoom to coordinate, receive instructions, meet and connect and more. These Zoom sessions will be set up for best times for all to attend. If you're not able to attend the Zoom sessions live, a member of our retreat team will contact you to go over pertinent details.


    Ready? Take your next step REGISTER.


    An application will be send via email to whose registration is paid IN FULL.




    Retreat Tuition: $2,200

    Retreat tuition includes coaching, training and marketing system at the retreat.

    You are responsible for travel, accommodations and meals.

    And remember to bring extra moolah for anything you desire to do in Bali!

    The shopping and massages are GREAT.



    Register for $1500 until September 30, 2019 at 11:59pm EST

  • Important to Know

    Please give particular attention to these important details:

    Arrival & Departure Times

    ALL TIMES STATED for the retreat ARE IN BALI INDONESIA LOCAL TIME. Please use a time zone calculator when booking your airline reservations so that you arrive on SUNDAY (the day BEFORE the retreat) and depart Saturday (the day AFTER the retreat). Depending on where you are coming from in the world, travel to Bali can be several hours. Prepare to arrive in Bali a day or days before the start of the retreat on Monday morning, so that you can be WELL RESTED, FRESH and READY for PEAK CREATIVITY!!!

    Daily Spiritual Practice

    Daily Spiritual Practice at the retreat Monday through Friday is at 6 AM for all attendees. Your daily spiritual practice is up to you, and can be undertaken privately or with other attendees. The choice is yours. We engage in spiritual practice early in the mornings for the perfect divine connection to Source!


    You will receive guidance at the retreat on how to engage in spiritual practices that support and inspire CREATIVITY and BEING SEEN.

    What to Wear

    Bali is tropical with evenings and early mornings that can be a little on the cool side (55-60 degrees F). The days are warm and sunny.


    There may be some rain as October is the start of the season change from dry and hot to rainy season. Prepare accordingly and be sure to check local weather in Bali before packing!

    What to Bring

    If you enjoy walking, bring comfy shoes you can walk in. Beach attire is also appropriate. Bring journals of all your writing as well.


    YOUR COMPUTER is a MUST for writing and publishing your work. We will not publish your work using mobile devices, so YOU MUST HAVE YOUR COMPUTER with you.

    How to Prepare

    First and foremost, this is a spiritual retreat. Be sure to engage in your daily spiritual practice in the weeks leading up to the retreat so you are CLEAR and OPEN to divine guidance.


    This CLARITY will serve you well as we move through the elegant process of WRITING & PUBLISHING your book.

    Air Travel

    Travel to this retreat in Bali is to the one airport on the island of Bali, Indonesia: DPS (Denpasar Airport).


    To keep up with any news/updates with the Bali Airport, please VISIT HERE (the airport sometimes shuts down due to volcanic activity of the mountain).

    Your Bali Visa

    A visa to enter Bali is not required in advance if you are a citizen of one of the countries on the "VISA ON ARRIVAL" list. (See the list of countries HERE.) If you overstay your visa (typically granted for 30 days stay in Bali) there is STRICT ENFORCEMENT.


    Honor the guidelines and timeline of your visa and you'll be fine. 

    Arriving Before/Staying After

    Feel free to arrive the day before the retreat. We begin Monday morning at 6 AM with our daily spiritual practice, then you may want to have breakfast to prepare for our first session at 9 AM Local Bali Time. We conclude at 12 Noon (Local Bali Time) on Friday.


    Feel free to stay after the retreat to explore the Island of the Gods and the Land of a Thousand Temples... BALI!


    Remember, accommodations are not included with your retreat registration. You can book your accommodations at the resort where the retreat will be held once you're registered. Upon registration, you will receive a link with all booking information. Or you may find that you'd like to book your accommodations at a nearby venue or with roommates. Check the Facebook Group for roommates. We do not assign roommates. You coordinate roommates on your own, if desired.


    Due to the nature of this retreat, the location will only be disclosed to those who are registered attendees of the retreat. Thank you for overstanding!

    Airport Transfers

    Airport transfers to the hotel where you will be staying are your responsibility and can be easily taken care of by the hotel where you are staying or by the Retreat Resort where the retreat will be held if you are a guest at the hotel. Many hotels in Bali have airport transportation recommendations and/or can offer you a taxi driver/service that is reputable and competitive in pricing.


    Due to the travel traffic in Bali, expect to negotiate pricing on just about EVERYTHING (-;

    Platinum, Celestial & Cosmic Clients

    As a Platinum, Celestial or Cosmic Client, your Bali retreat tuition is included (so there is no fee for you to attend this retreat, as you know).


    Book your air and hotel, pack your bags and we'll see you there!!! MUAH!!!

  • Thank you!!!

    Thank you for trusting us with the opportunity to serve and support you in birthing your book baby.

    KAISI is the author of 17 books on practical spirituality and has successfully coached dozens of clients with writing, publishing and MARKETING their book.

    Now it's your turn...


    Take your next step now:


    Register for $1500 until September 30, 2019 at 11:59pm EST

    We will see you in Bali!!!!
    Kaisi & Retreat Team

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