• Welcome!

    Thank you for finding out more about being a vendor at the Wealthy Goddess Retreat in Maimi!

    Here are the details…

  • Retreat Intention

    In a word: WEALTH. The intention is wealth acticvation, with classes on steps to take in the outer world to manifest greater wealth and prosperity, as well as the inner work required to sustain a wealth activation. We focus on practical spirituality married to real world inspired action.

    Retreat Attendees

    Our retreat attendees are deeply spiritual, love luxury and beauty, love to travel, and are always looking for items for rituals and spiritual practices. we love all things self-love, beauty, travel and luxury lifestyle.

    Retreat Schedule

    A full schedule of our events for the weekend and the classes that will be taught at the retreat are HERE.


    As a vendor, you enjoy exclusivity as we only choose one vendor per category (i.e. accessories, makeup & skin care, holistic healing, etc.).


    As a vendor, you’re welcome to attend the entire event, including the classes. This gives you multiple opportunities to share with attendees throughout the weekend, build relationships and inform our attendees about your product lines.


    There will be dedicated space for you to set up. We’re hilding the event at a gorgeous location in Miami beach, and a professional phorographer will be present.


    We will also be shooting the pilot of a new TV show while we’re there. You’ll receive exposure (if you desire) as part of the TV show.


    We will also do a bit of promotion next week featuring you on our Instagram.


    Friday Night is a white party if you’d like to wear white for our photos.


    Pictures of our past events can be seen HERE.


    Vendor pricing is $199 for the weekend.


    Apply below and will answer any questions you may have.


    Looking forward to meeting you!

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