• Val's Online Wellness Shopping Club

    Rev. Val's passion for nature, plant healing and holistic living come to life and are celebrated in her online wellness shopping club, where you get to clean up your home, health and body with our scientifically proven, natural products. As a bonus, you're highly compensated for sharing the shopping club if you so choose (this is NOT mlm or network marketing) or simply shop for yourself at value prices for Whole Foods quality.


    Below there's a link to view an overview of our online wellness shopping club. Before you watch the overview, I have 3 warnings for your consideration:


    1. DO NOT think you know what this is about. I guarantee, you DO NOT. Things have changed dramatically in the shopping club over the 33 years it's been in existence. WATCH THE VIDEO ALL THE WAY THROUGH (so you can see the checks we're receiving...)


    2. DO NOT think this is mlm or network marketing. It's NOT.


    With that said, if you're looking for a wellness club, that provides you with REAL benefits, and pays you extremely well to share these benefits, please do proceed. Remember to TAKE NOTES so that when you're complete with the overview, I can answer your questions and get you a shopping account.


    Follow the link below and enter the password to view a private showing of our shopping club:


    Password: Launch


    After the preview, TEXT OUR OFFICE on 801.871.5683 to request your next steps...