• I'm so glad you're here...

    If you're who I think you are, then it's no accident you landed here now...


    I don't care how you got here.


    I only care that you're here.


    You may be a Lightworker or Magickal Being who's tried just about everything, and nothing has really 'clicked' for you yet... in living FULLY on PURPOSE, creating and manifesting ABUNDANCE, being in that right LOVE relationship, traveling the world, teaching, sharing, speaking, healing, writing and or building that amazing tribe...


    You KNOW you're supposed to be up to something great, yet it's STILL ELUDED YOU...


    Maybe you're confused about what direction to go in, or maybe you have complete clarity on the direction to head in, you're just scared out of your wits to actually PULL THE TRIGGER...


    You would pull the trigger on your dreams and soul destiny IF you had a plan, a vision, a team of amazing people to do it with, tools, reSources or just more boldness.


    That's where I come in.


    I bring to your destiny the "pull-the-trigger" factor, the tools, reSources, strategy, and the people for you to get DONE more than you ever dreamed possible...


    That's why they call me the 'Midwife.'

    I showed up in your world, at this precise time, to support you in birthing your DESTINY... to say to you PUSH!!! Even when it hurts, even when you think you're dying, even when you hope the whole thing would be over already... I say "BREATHE... PUSH..." and




    Out comes the baby.


    I'll tell you the Truth here, because that's what I'm guessing you REALLY want to hear (not nice words that will make you feel more cozy & comfy)...


    YES, it's messy. YES, it's bloody. YES, it's painful.


    Now for the good news...


    YES, it's exhilarating!!!

    YES, it's bliss!!!

    YES, it's new!!!

    YES, it's the REAL YOU!!!


    Now for the exceptionally GOOD news...


    I've never lost a baby yet.

    This is because I'm a "DIVINE" Midwife... I don't move on my own accord.

    I AM surrendered to Spirit.

    Magick is my means.


    So my question for you is...

    What are you ready to birth?


    Is it finally writing that book you've been carrying around in your spirit for eons?


    Or maybe it's finally launching that product or coaching program that you KNOW will change the game? (and change the world at the same time, go on with your bad self...)


    Or maybe it's creating streams of income that pay you while you sleep, or while you travel the world to spiritual hot spots that have been calling your Soul for the longest (but you keep responding with, "Not now Soul, I don't have the money for that...")


    Or maybe you're just sick and tired of manifesting far below what you KNOW you can... and it gnaws at the pit of your belly and compels you to GET UP & DO WHATEVER YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO TO:


    Create & manifest the money you KNOW you deserve...


    Create & manifest the love life you KNOW is your Divine Inheritance...


    Create & manifest the DESTINY on planet earth you KNOW your Soul came here to fulfill...


    Bottom line:



    your soul longs for...


    If that's you, let's connect.

    You're invited to discover and engage our programs and retreats, or you can apply for the Mystery School.


    I love you with the love of God,



    P.S. - Let's do this