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    You're seeing this page because you've been referred here by one of my beloved clients. Because relationships are the all important way we learn and grow through life, I value relationships HIGHLY.


    The relationship you have with my client is valuable. You're valuable. Amazing new clients come to me by referral from amazing existing clients.


    Would you like to have a chat? On me? (Though I usually charge for initial consultations, the fee is waived since you came here by way of referral.)


    I call it a Discovery Session because we get to discover if you're looking for a coach, and if so, if we're a match. It's complimentary to you and a joy for me. I love meeting new people. So, if you're up for a powerful 30-minute consultation, (in which I'll serve and share at my best whether you become a client or not) the next step is to book the session on my calendar.


    Like I said, I'd love to connect with you.