An exclusive offer for a limited time for only 11 souls who take action now...

    Hey Love!

    I RARELY do 1-on-1 readings for anyone other than my clients, (even though I have a rack of requests)... partly because I LOVE the long term relationships I have with my clients (that last beyond 1 reading) and also because, thanx to the Goddess, my hands are pretty full these days!!!

    But every so often, I get the inspiration to do a HOT SPECIAL on READINGS, and so here it is...



    What the cards have to say about you and your money in 2019...


    The reading is 60 minutes and conducted by Zoom (so I can accommodate anyone anywhere in the world).

    Coaching fees currently are $25,000 to $100,000, so it's a HOT SPECIAL to be doing these Money Readings for you... (even if you're not a current client) for only:



    Yes, I haven't offered ANY readings for this price since Jesus was on the planet... anyhoo, they're limited to:



    on my calendar (which is pretty full).


    To grab one of the 11 Money Readings, only 2 steps are required (keeping it REAL simple here):


    Step 1 - Send $297 by CashApp to $MakaniLove

    Step 2 - Then email love@valerielove.com with your name and date of birth, and letting us know that you sent your payment.


    That's it!


    We'll confirm receipt of your payment and send you a link to book your Money Reading.




    Now, if you just HAVE to know what I cover in your Money Reading, here it is:


    • Your Galactic Signature and how it affects your money in 2019 (especially if you have major happenings in your Galactic Signature this year...)
    • Specific Money Pathways for you to take in 2019 that WILL lead to increased WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, RICHES & PROSPERITY (W.A.R.P. speed)
    • What NOT TO DO in 2019 as far as money making activities and investments!!! This is critical!!! I've found that a huge part of my client's financial success is NOT MAKING WRONG MONEY MOVES... I pull specific NO cards so that you don't fall into this trap... (trust me, I've fallen into it one too many times and it was WORK trying to recover).
    • ANY Money Questions that are gnawing at you... I find many clients have money issues that don't seem to go away, because they don't have clarity on why the issue is present in the first place...
    • Money TRAPS... the traps you fall into with regard to your money. (You can even include a snippet of it in your email to me once you send payment if you like...)
    • Where to FOCUS YOUR ENERGY & ATTENTION for max FINANCIAL GAIN in 2019... if you're like my clients, you have so many options, yet you KNOW you cannot successfully pursue them all and expect to have HUGE WINS in any one endeavor. LET'S FOCUS for your MAX GAIN & HUGE WINS.
    • Pictures of your reading when we're complete. I like to send pictures to my clients of their readings, because as you know, a reading is still working months and even years later. This way you can go back and reflect on it and see how it unfolds in 2019.
    • And more, based on what comes up from your Enlightened Ancestors, Guides, Totems and Angels.


    I desire to support you in doing EXACTLY THAT.


    As I said, there's only 11 spots (I would love to do more, it's jusy not as practical to do 1-on-1 readings nowadays, so it's limited to the first 11 ONLY.)


    If you're ready, here are your 2 steps:

    Step 1 - Send $297 by CashApp to $MakaniLove

    Step 2 - Then email love@valerielove.com with your name and date of birth, letting us know that you sent your payment.


    We'll send you confirmation along with the link to book your appointment on my calendar.




    This offer is being extended to thousands of people and will not last. It's a RARE opportunity to have a 1-on-1 session with me... I don't offer them anymore.


    Love you!!!



    P.S. - If you don't have CashApp, you can download it from your app store. This is the only method of payment we're accepting for this special, only because it is a limited time offer.


    P.S.S. - The only reason I require your date of birth is for accuracy with regard to your Galactic Signature. If you're not comfy with sending your date of birth, look up your Galactic Signature here and include it in your email to me after you've submitted your payment.