• Apply For A Discovery Session With KAISI

    All wealthy women make power moves...

    Follow these 2 simple steps:


    Step 1. Go HERE to complete a short application.

    Step 2. TEXT our office. Text the word Discovery to (844) 947-6730 to receive the link to KAISI’s calendar.

    (Please note: we do not conduct Discovery Sessions without a completed application.)




    To prepare for your session with KAISI:

    Mark your calendar with the date and time.
    Set chimes/alarm for several minutes before your appointment so you're ready and in place.
    Have pen and paper handy.
    Be still for 15-20 minutes before your session to calm the mind and release excess thoughts.
    Be prepared to TAKE ACTION.



    If you're a perfect match for one of our programs, you may receive an exclusive invite. We love to work with amazing people!

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