• Introducing the NEW Wealth Mastermind

    For POWER WOMEN who love LUXURY and WEALTH ACCUMULATION with BITCOIN and are ready to create over $10,000 per month teaching, coaching and consulting on Bitcoin.

    If that's you, you're in the right place.

  • Introducing:


    Wealth Mastermind with Rev. Valerie Love

    For power women who are ready to radically alter the paradigm of the planet, become fabulously wealthy and create an uncommon legacy for their children, grandchildren and heirs while earning over $10,000 per month teaching Bitcoin.

    Who's this for?

    For power women who are READY to create $10,000+ per month AND IMPACT on a GLOBAL STAGE by being an epic, feminine change-maker who creates unprecedented wealth for self and others while designing a legacy for children, grandchildren and beyond... this is for YOU if you KNOW, in the deepest cavern of your HEART that you're READY to step up to new MAGNITUDES of WEALTH, LUXURY, POWER and IMPACT.

    The clarion call has sounded... THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU.

  • Rev. Valerie Love

    Invites you to apply for the most impactful Wealth Mastermind ever offered by our company...

    Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is a best-selling author of over 23 books on practical spirituality including the wildly popular wealth creation series featuring "40 Money Mantras" & "40 Money Spells".


    As a former financial advisor and franchise owner with American Express, KAISI has served her clients with a deep knowledge of financial markets, wealth creation and monetary strategies for over 20 years.


    KAISI's clients are powerhouse women who OWN their SPECTACULAR nature and make no excuses. Her elite clientele includes doctors, attorneys, authors, global speakers, healers, energy workers and other shining stars who are not afraid of their innate super-powers.


    Our magnificent clients have been served at our intensive global retreats to luxurious and energetically charged hot spots including Bali, Dubai, Peru, Mexico's Ancient Cities, New Orleans, Salem, Sedona and more.




    READY to AMP UP your supernova abilities to shine like a diamond?


    READY to become uber wealthy with the technology known as Bitcoin?


    READY to create a world of unlimited freedom and abundance for all, and not just the select and/or lucky few?


    READY to shake up the globe with your feminine wiles in such a way that the universe deposits glorious wealth, happiness, connectedness and ever ballooning global impact at your feet?

    READY to help others make epic leaps in their WEALTH with the FREEDOM Bitcoin offers?


    READY to embody, exude and exemplify the Goddess you are in magnificent luxury?



  • Inside the Mastermind

    The deliciousness you're about to dive into in this Mastermind with like-souled women:

    This Wealth Mastermind addresses, resolves and amplifies 4 strategic pillars:


    Pillar #1: Your Personal Wealth

    How Bitcoin specifically addresses your personal financial state of affairs, creating a glove fit for your personal financial blueprint. How much Bitcoin should one own? Where should it be stored? How often are investments/purchases to be made? How is it structured and accessed?


    The difference between a program like this and watching endless YouTube videos (or other means of garnering the knowledge on your own) is that you're investing in a program that provides you with EXPERTISE and STRATEGY specific to YOUR UNIQUE FINANCIAL FINGERPRINT.


    Pillar #2: Your Business Wealth

    You own a business or a practice and you're moving into unknown territory with regard to wealth accumulation and how to structure your business for maximum profitability in Bitcoin, including accepting payments, optimizing your company's offerings for Bitcoin acceptance and payments, gateways for ease of use for your customers and clients, and putting your company on the DIGITAL CURRENCY TRAJECTORY.




    Pillar #3: Your Legacy Wealth

    After structuring your personal and business finances and optimizing these with Bitcoin, it's time to put all the dots in ORDER for bequeathing larger and larger sums of wealth to your children, grandchildren, organizations you love and other heirs.


    How to keep your Bitcoin safe for generations is a major issue, as well as what happens when it's time to pass on wealth (in ways that provide ease and peace for your heirs). These are considerations we all must gently and sensitively address... the sooner, the better.


    Knowing all your financial considerations are laid out exactly as you desire (even if the plan won't be implemented for decades) provides sleep-with-confidence assurance.


    Pillar #4: Illumine Others

    Now that you KNOW your financial house (both personal and business) are in pristine condition, swelling with ever increasing wealth and designed for ease, peace and efficacy, it's time to do the only right and proper thing:




    That's the certification aspect of the program. Once complete, you'll be certified as a Bitcoin Wealth Strategiest with Pretty Bitcoin Billionaires, which means you can charge significant fees for your knowledge, skill, expertise and heart-filled wisdom.


    You'll be speaking with and teaching others from an inner space of INTEGRITY, having already done what you are now offering to them.


    The deliciousness of having all your WEALTH STRATEGIES solidly in place and working for you 24/7 is exponentially enhancd by you serving others so that they can do the same.


    In the program, with our help and guidance, you create your own coaching and consulting programs of Bitcoin Wealth so that you can teach and share with others for significant income, in ways that are aligned with who you authentically are.


    This can all be accomplished in EXCELLENCE, with the right guidance and a sherpa who knows the way...

  • The HOW: Our 7-Step Blueprint

    You receive a step-by-step, foolproof, bulletproof “7 Step BLUEPRINT” to create $10,000+ per month as a Bitcoin Wealth Strategist.

    A BLUEPRINT is a


    (Save YourSelf Time, Energy, Money)


    Most service-based professionals fail to create significant income because of not knowing what to do each day (and each moment of the day) to maximize PROFITABLE INCOME.


    Distraction is a problem (including watching too many videos on what to do and scrolling the feed looking for answers) that we utterly KILL in this Mastermind (and every Mastermind we offer, which is why our elite clientele produces epic results).


    This 7-STEP BLUEPRINT is tested, tried and true and will produce the outcome desired IF... (and this is a BIG ‘if’)



    Massive, Intentional, Focused, Inspired



    Nothing amazing will happen without the requisite ACTION (I know that if you’re reading this page your’re READY for that level of scariness in your life, because it’s scary to do EPIC ‘ish).


    Which is why this Mastermind exists... we could give you the 7-Step Blueprint and send you on your way. However, experience tells us that clients succeed with the support systems, guidance, community, mentoring and coaching in place that produce stellar results that are permanent.


    Think of this Mastermind as the cocoon in which you grow and sprout your wings.


    We’ve done this over and over. Our systems are tested.

    You get to tap into my 16 years of experience in the arena of human potential as well as 7 years of experience in the global financial markets as a former American Express Financial Advisor.


    You cannot lose IF you do what’s required.


    Let the 7-Step Blueprint SIMPLIFY your life and business.


    Break Out That Passport!

    As with most of our programs, there's a travel component (not required for certification) in which you'll journey to pristine beauty around the globe with others in our tribe who adore the open skies and seas! The vision is to travel to Bali, Zanzibar in Tanzania, The Maldives (or Bora Bora) and Greece.

    Please keep in mind that as global events change rapidly, we will respond with thoughtful and thorough communication and updates on all travel experiences. We'll do our level best to be sure you're happy, comfy and ready for amazing global adventures!

    In your year in the Pretty Bitcoin Billionaires Mastermind, you'll travel to drool-worthy destinations across the globe with our team and members of our tribe of soul ascenders. Though travel is not required to receive your certification in this program, your year in the Mastermind will be that much richer if you decide to blast past the edges of your comfort zone and hop on over to PARADISE.

    All curriculum and classes are recorded for you. Even if you're not in attendance at every location, you won't miss a thing.


    Exclusive Members ONLY Club on Clubhouse!

    Once you're approved for the program and have completed your payment and registration, you'll receive a schedule and link for our PRIVATE, MEMBERS ONLY club on Clubhouse where we meet for our curriculum, hot seat coaching and consulting and Q&A sessions in addition to our global retreats.

    You stay connected to the Mastermind group from ANYWHERE in the world.

    You can connect with the Mastermind curriculum and coaching with EASE and SIMPLICITY from anywhere in the world! (You don't even need Zoom... thank God.)

    Now that Clubhouse is open to BOTH iPhone and Android users ALL OVER THE WORLD, you'll be able to access LIVE TRAINING with KAISI, 'hot seat' wealth coaching and consulting, and the curriculum for the certification program. This is an exclusive club for paid members of the PBB Masterind ONLY.
  • Ready to Apply?

    All wealthy women make power moves...

    If you're READY to make POWER MOVES for your WEALTH, here are your 3 next steps:


    1. Deposit

    2. Interview

    3. Approval


    This program is an intensive year-long program. We pour tons of energy, love and attention into our exclusive clientele, so determining that we're a GREAT match is critical to your magnificent results in this program.



    There's a deposit required of $999 to secure your appointment for an interview. This fee will be applied to your year in the Mastermind if you're accepted into the program.


    If it's not a match for us right now, we'll refund your entire fee within 30 days of your appointment, no questions asked.


    There are many people who would like to speak with KAISI. We can only accommodate those who are ready to move forward NOW with becoming fabulously wealthy with Bitcoin and helping others do the same.



    You may be wondering about the fee for this program...

    Glad you asked. That will be disclosed in your interview, as well as payment options (including sizable savings if you pay with Bitcoin).


    This program is a substantial investment in yourself, your family, your wealth, your business and your legacy for highly uncommon results.


    For right now, take the first step to lock in your slot in this exclusive mastermind by texting our office:


    Text PBB to:

    (844) 947-6730

    (PBB stands for Pretty Bitcoin Billionaires)


    You'll receive a link via text to complete your deposit of $999


    After completing your deposit, you'll be immediately directed to KAISI's calendar to book your interview.


    We look deliciously forward to co-creating the wealth and fulfillment of your wildest dreams.

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