• Welcome to Peru!

    February23-29, 2020

    Your experience begins here...

  • If you feel called by the Mother...

    2 years before my very first Ayahuasca journey, I heard and felt the call of the Mother... Mother Ayahuasca. The Mother spoke gently to the core of my soul... bidding me 'come.'


    Since then, I've embarked on many Ayahuasca journeys, and have had the honor of supporting others in their journeys with the Mother as well.


    Now it may be your turn to undertake a journey(s) with the Mother in sacred ceremony with a practicing shaman whose lineage and 30 years of practice have perfectly prepared him to gently guide you into your deepest, most profound soul unfoldment.


    Be sure, this is NOT for the curious, or faint of heart.


    Mother Ayahuasca is a powerful plant teacher and healer who does not abide foolishness. She is stern, direct, and penetrates to the core.


    She rips open bellies and hearts, searching for the old and outworn that no longer serves you, and purges them.


    No, she is not always gentle, yet she is profoundly effective.


    Many journey from all over the world to experience her touch, and we all leave forever changed.

    If you are called, it may be your turn to come to the Mother, with an open heart, a willing spirit and an able body.


    Please note: this experience is NOT for everyone. You must be CERTAIN, within your HEART and SOUL that this is for you. There will be a questionnaire to complete after registration. If, for any reason, we mutually agree that this is not the experience for you, or that this is not the divinely perfect time for you to attend, you will receive a full refund of your registration immediately.


    MAKE THIS DECISION HEARTFULLY... upon prayer and meditation, and with the knowing that the Mother has called you.


    Please view the following vids for more insights on what we've experienced in our Ayahuasca journeys, and what we've observed with retreat attendees. Please know that you may or may not experience ANYTHING anyone else has experienced. This information is provided for your consideration and reflection, and to share what we've experienced. If you find it helpful in any way, we're happy!


    Please see below for experiences you may or may not have, videos, fasting recommendations and more.


    Please note: Ayahuasca is illegal in the United States. It is completely legal in Peru. We honor the laws of the country we abide in and recommend living a lawful life.

  • Experiences...

    As you prayerfully reflect and carefully consider this journey, here are a few experiences from journeys we've taken, and some of what we've observed in retreat attendees. Of course, you may or may not experience any of these, or all and more, or you may have a completely difference experience.


    This journey is deeply personal and we honor your unique and individual relationship with the Mother.









  • Experiences you may, or may not have:

      1. Puking - the Mother is known for deep purges. This may include vomiting in a ceremony.
      2. Diarrhea - once again, the Mother is purging, so you may experience purging from both ends.
      3. Visions - you may experience unbelievable and/or incredible visions.
      4. Emotional Purging - you may experience tears, wailing, and purging of old emotional wounds that are ready to be released.
      5. Spiritual Breakthroughs - you may experience breakthroughs of a spiritual nature relating to all areas of your life, including your destiny and purpose on planet earth, and how to fulfill it. The Mother is a wise guide, and will give you information on all areas of your life. I've even experienced receiving a new name, as has another retreat attendee.
      6. Release of addictions - you may experience release from addictions.
      7. Physical changes - you may experience changes in your physical body, or changes in appearance, or better sleep, or any number of unforeseeable physical changes.
      8. Release of pain - some have experienced release of pain in the body temple.

      None of this can be considered as medical advice and none of the information here, or the retreat, are for the purpose of diagnosing or treating any illness or disease.


      With that said, you may experience all or none of the above, or you may have a completely different experience that is not at all described here.


      This is a deeply personal journey that cannot be predicted.


      In truth, we don't know what may happen to you, or in you. We only know it will be profound.

      Number of Ceremonies

      We will hold 4 ceremonies that you may choose to participate in. You may choose to participate in 1 ceremony, or all 4. You are completely free to choose. You may intend to participate in all ceremonies, and after your first one decide that you will not participate in any others. This is completely ok. One should only embark upon ceremonies with full readiness, complete openness and the willingness to go with the Mother. It's okay to do 2 ceremonies if that's what's called for.


      Whether you do 1 ceremony or all 4, you will receive exactly what you're supposed to receive, and you will have tremendous breakthrough from the journey and from being in the space with your fellow journeyers.

      Fasting Recommendations

      It is recommended that you fast for 14-21 days prior to your first Ayahuasca experience from:

      • Meat
      • Chocolate
      • Sex
      • Caffeine

      The Daniel Fast is ideal. You can look up the Daniel Fast for more info, yet it's basically fruits and vegetables. (Raw is not required.)


      The day before your first Ayahuasca ceremony it is recommended that you fast from all food and drink plenty of water only. After the ceremony, you will be able to eat lightly. You can also drink non-caffeinated tea.


      On the days that you do not have Ayahuasca ceremonies, it is recommended that you eat vegetarian meals.


      On the days that you partake in an Ayahuasca ceremony, you will fast after breakfast until that evening.


      Fasting instructions will be given to you at the retreat from our shaman.

      Body Considerations

      It's advisable to be in the best health you can be in for this journey, as is the case with life. If you are pregnant, please refrain from registering at this time. You may feel free to meet the Mother after giving birth and when you know you are ready.


      Peru is high altitude. Some attendees have used oxygen. The high altitude invites you to be present, breathe and be still and know.


      There may be more questions you may have. If so, they will be answered on an info Zoom that we will have in early February.


      Please note that attendance at this retreat is exclusively for an elite group of souls who are courageous and ready. You will be in excellent company!


      You will receive instructions on where to stay after you register. WE DO NOT DISCLOSE the location of this retreat to anyone other than retreat attendees, due to the sensitive nature of this retreat.

      What's Included

        • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
        • The spiritual services of our Shaman at the retreat
        • 5 group discussions on what was experienced so integration can occur
        • The spiritual services of Rev. Valerie Love at the retreat
        • The spiritual services of Roberto Amado Sanchez at the retreat

        You are responsible for travel, accommodations, meals and all other expenses you may incur.

        More Important Details

          • You will fly in to CUSCO AIRPORT. DO NOT fly to any other airport in Peru!!!
          • You will receive the link to where you will book your reservations at our location in Cusco. DO NOT book any accommodations at any other location other than the location we will give you!!!
          • Plan to arrive to the location in Peru by 5 PM local time on Sunday, 2/23/2020.
          • Plan to depart the airport after 2 PM local time on Saturday, 2/29.
          • Our retreat begins on the Full Moon. We will participate in a Full Moon ritual on Sunday night at approximately 7 PM local time. (Details will be given to you after registration.)

          Pray, pray, pray. We are thankful for your willingness to meet the Mother!


          You are loved!


          P.S. - After you've registered, you will receive additional instructions on how to complete the questionnaire so we can get to know you better.

        • Registration

          Registration for the Peru Ayahuasca Experience is $777 per person.

          Your next steps are:



          Text our office on 801.871.5683 to receive payment instructions. Simply state in the text your full name and that you are ready to move forward with the Peru Ayahuasca Experience.


          (Due to the sensitive nature of this retreat, we do not use online payment processors.)



          Once you've received payment instructions, submit your payment. When your payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email.



          After your payment is completed, you will receive a link to a questionnaire so that we can get to know you better. The questionnaire is confidential and is ONLY accessible by Rev. Valerie Love, Roberto Amado Sanchez and Maestro (our divinely selected shaman).

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