• Our Community is About...

    MAGICK - we lead Magickal lives. We practice Magick by intentionally using this power to shape and mold SELF and the world around us. Magick is not airy-fairy wish-it-would-happen-and-it-does hocus pocus... that doesn't exist. Magick is available to ALL and operates on a set of LAWS and PRINCIPLES that move energy and cause outcomes. (You learn all about this in the Mystery School of our community, and how to use it for your benefit...)


    ENLIGHTENMENT - we are about Enlightenment... self-realization... ASCENSION. We are not interested in the status quo, mediocrity or the subliminal programming of the mass consciousness. We know as SOULS that we came here to WAKE THE EFF UP. (When you join us, you have the divine opportunity to WAKE UP even MORE.)


    LOVE - we are about LOVE (not the fluffy, walk-on-the-beach B.S. some people think love is)... we're talking about the blinding white hot light of your SOUL and SPIRIT that burns away the chaff... yeah, THAT.


    You in?


    If you're intrigued, find out how to join this global community of Soul Ascenders (aka Spiritual Gangstas) and get your self-realization on: