It was quite a journey coming to the inner realization of being a Witch.

For years I denied my calling... having grown up in a Fundamentalist Christian family of Jehovah's Witnesses, it was unheard and of the 'devil' and 'demons' to practice or participate in anything related to magick, even though I saw 'spirits' and could see r ight through people as a young child. None of it frightened me. I didn't know to be afraid until I was taught to be fearful. There were stirrings in my heart and soul that religion couldn't explain or shed light on. What could not be explained and/or didn't fall neatly into the box of what was 'acceptable', was dismissed as imagination or the devil. 'Believe what you're told Valerie and don't ask so many questions' was the party line.

Inside, my Soul longed for more...

I longed for a greater experience of life that I could not define in words, and at that point did not consciously understand, but that spoke to me from the pit of my Soul, where Magick as ancient as the hills had taken up residence and thrived completely unperturbed from any outside influences. It would take me years to start to fit the puzzle pieces together. But like a giant jigsaw, one gets excited when the edges start to reveal a pattern. The excitement urged me to the next step, and the next... in a divinely orchestrated Divine Destiny Plan that did not require me to know the the next step, or where I was going. The Path required (and requires) my willingness, my surrender, my Faith & Trust all wrapped up in my big-hearted, no-holds-barre YES. At no point on the Sacred Path did I need to know the next steps. God knew... and that has always proven to be more than enough.

I was born a Witch.

I practice the Craft of Magick.

What is Magick?

Glad you asked...

Magick, for me, is the Craft of transformation, healing and power. It is the inner realization that one can change the outer world to conform to Will. My highest Magickal aspiration, intention and desire is to always be in alignment with Divine Will. When the Will is aligned with the Higher Self, Magick naturally happens.

Everyone has Magick. Not everyone uses it...

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." So remarked Henry David Thoreau. In my work with thousands of people over the last decade in many and varied settings, including spiritual life coaching, retreats, transformative events and on BOOST Morning Inspiration, I can say I concur with Mr. Thoreau.

I sense the reason that the masses live in 'quiet desperation' (and where I spent a number of my adult years) is because they have not learned to effectively TAP INTO THE POWER WITHIN AND CREATE MAGICK.

I love Christ.

I've always loved Christ. When I finally decided to own, acknowledge and honor being a Witch, I chose forthwith to exit the broom closet and be the shining expression of Grace as the Authentic Self God/Goddess created me to be.

I also consciously chose to keep my intimate relationship with Christ... the relationship that had been nurtured since I was a wee child of 4 when a Bible was divinely placed in my hands with the words: 'this is the good book.'

I still love the Bible. Metaphysically speaking.

You may be tempted or think or believe that a Witch who loves Christ or studies the Bible as a Magickal grimoire, or goes to church, is no Witch indeed. Or, you may be tempted to think or believe that any Witch worth her salt would never consider getting entangled in religion, especially the brand of Christianity that has been fed to the masses.

In truth, a Witch, like everyone else, is free to choose any path. This is a God gifted right and responsibility. A Witch, like everyone else, is a free, multi-dimensional, infinite being, who exists in realms beyond description, definition or limitation of any kind, including religion, race, creed, color, or dogma.

You and I are FREE to be anything we wish to be, and to walk any path that's good for you and me.

There is one Law in the Craft: DO AS YE WILL AND IT HARM NONE.

It is the code I live by. It is my vow of harmlessness... to self, others, this beautiful blue ball we live on known as Planet Earth, and all that exists in any dimension in all the UniVerse. I AM the Healing Love & Light of God/Goddess/I AM.

This, in truth and essence, is the code of every path of higher understanding, esoteric arts and sciences, religions and rituals designed to lead us home to God/Goddess:


I love the way it's worded in A Course In Miracles... which sums up my life walk perfectly and succinctly:

"I am here only to be truly helpful."


Rev. Valerie Love

Ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness

Valerie Love

is a

Divine Midwife of

Soul Destiny, an Alchemist and


Christian Witch.

Valerie Love
Divine Midwife of Soul Destiny