"The first time I called myself a 'Witch' was the

    most magical moment of my life."

    Margot Adler

    A Page From Val's Journey...

    Are you on a magickal journey?

    For as long as I can remember I've always been 'magickal'... seeing things that people said 'weren't there' or daydreaming in far-away worlds as a child and being constantly 'snapped' back to 'reality' by teachers and other big people. What I had not fully come to terms with as a young person was the truth of my nature: I'm a born Witch.


    The word Witch engenders power in some and fear in others. The determining factor in what comes up for us when we hear the word 'Witch' is consciousness. One person is ecstatic about the possibilities of Magick while another is stricken with terror (mostly due to ignorance and misinformation, and not from actual personal experience with Witches or Magick).


    This is my Divine assignment on planet earth: to dispel fear and ignorance by BEING LOVE and EMBRACING TRUTH.


    I pray this work unleashes ancient power in you that is beyond your wildest imaginings to heal and uplift self and all!