• Hurting & don't know why?

    If you're hurting and don't know why, if you're afraid and you don't know why, if you're racked with fear about being the REAL YOU and don't know why, if you don't have that big fat luscious peach of a life you know you came here to live and don't know why...


    There's a reason.


    It could be that your inner child is longing for healing and release from terror, shame and/or guilt.


    I was there, racked with shame, guilt, and fears beyond reason.


    It was the inner child, who had been afraid of so much, and of so many, that was crying out for love... hungering for hugs... yearning for acknowledgement...


    'Does anyone see me?'

    'Do I matter?'

    'Am I worth anything?'

    'If I do matter, who do I matter to?'


    All these questions of worth and value continue to plague us UNTIL...


    We DECIDE to be someone different,

    to do something different,

    which means we'll HAVE something different.


    Then it's high time to be about the all important business of healing and ascending consciousness, which is your only true job on the planet:




    Everything else that does not serve this core purpose is background noise.


    If you are READY to take that mystical step into the 'unknown' and scoop up your inner child and love on this entity within, that is actually GOD AS YOUR INNOCENCE, then, it's my pleasure to welcome you to the:



  • What is the

    Inner Child Love Experience?

    Let's dive in to your SOUL...

    A LIVE Guided Meditation


    You'll be with us in a LIVE guided meditation led by Divine Midwife of Soul Destiny KAISI. In this meditation, you meet your inner child in a safe space of pure unconditional love. You commune with this gorgeous younger version of you to find out what she requires from you NOW for your DREAM LIFE OF GLEAMING DESTINY, fulfilling that rare and utterly rapturous reason your soul landed here in the first place.