July 21-26, 2021

    Calling all Goddesses to the healing, rejuvenating, beautifying waters of Mexico's cenotes and beaches for a


    like no other...


    for the Goddess Experience of a lifetime!

    KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love) leads events and retreats all over the world for our incredible global community of soul ascenders. This is one of the biggest EVER!


    HARMONY is a model, actress and author who loves all things beauty, harmony and self-care at the most exquisite levels.


    The Goddess Retreat in Mexico is a gorgeous opportunity to soak yourself in the beautifying and healing pools of Mexico's cenotes and luxuriate on the beaches of the Mayan Riviera with other Goddesses who love extreme self-care and communing with nature in the world's most beautiful play places for water fairies, nymphs, sea Goddesses and water witches!


    Welcome to the:


    Wednesday to Monday, July 21 - 26, 2021

    (Give yourself the gift of the gorgeous waters of Mexico!)











  • We're at your service...

    Your Retreat Coordinators

    We create and hold space for your gorgeous Goddess embodiment.

    Dr. JaTaya Wiley

    aka HARMONY

    Dr. JaTaya Wiley is a model, actress, social media maven and author of no content/low content books and 4 anthologies. After her dreams of cenote hopping came true, she masterminded this retreat to bring the water healing to you...

    Rev. Valerie Love

    aka KAISI

    Rev. Val is a Divine Midwife of Soul Destiny and author of 24 books on practical spirituality. She teaches on YouTube where millions have viewed the messages.

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    Healing, transformation, connection and commune with fellow Goddesses and nature in the water element for manifestation of  a new and more magnificent, beautiful reality. The opportunity to immerse in extreme self-care so that SELF LOVE permeates every aspect of our lives for deliciously desirable results in health, wealth, relationships and soul destiny. Ase!



    Wednesday, 7/21: Arrival day! Commune with other Goddesses at our first location. Luxuriate by the pool for relaxation, food, drinks and our first photo shoot.


    Thursday, 7/22: Beach day! We're off to the beach for a beach day and photo shoot! Be ready to spend the day in your gorgeous Goddess attire at the beach. That evening we'll enjoy a beautiful dinner together for the Feast Day of the Goddess Mary Magdalene.


    Friday, 7/23: It's a  cenote day! We're off to cenotes in the gorgeous Yucatan peninsula of Mexico for more luxurious water experiences, photos, vids and more!


    Saturday, 7/24: It's a beach day at our next beach! Prepare for an excursion to the magnificent beaches of the Mayan Riviera and luscious food and fun with friends!


    Sunday, 7/25: It's the DAY OUT OF TIME! We'll celebrate with an amazing pool day lounging in cabanas at our gorg hotel with lots of beautiful pics and vids!


    Monday: 7/26: It's time for our closing ritual and we're off to our homes renewed, refreshed, recharged, reinvigorated for destiny and vibing on higher frequencies than EVER!

    Please note: this retreat, as is true of all our events, is a move of the Goddess and is therefore free flowing without rigid agendas. Remain flexible and open and you'll experience MIRACLES. We've seen it a million times!
  • The Goddess Retreat

    Travel Info

    After registration, you'll receive an email with full travel instructions, including exact location, airport and accommodations for the retreat, along with all pertinent travel details you may require.


    Due to the nature of this retreat, we do not reveal publicly where all events will occur.


    Here are a few general travel considerations:


    Be SURE your passport has at least 6 months validity (it cannot be due to expire within 6 months of 7/21). Always keep your passport up to date!


    You do NOT require a visa in advance to enter Mexico if you are a U.S. citizen. You will receive a visa for 180 days upon entry into Mexico. For nationals of all other countries, please refer to the Mexico consulate for travel requirements to enter Mexico.


    Be SURE to check all current travel requirements to return to the U.S. or your country of origin after the retreat.


    Travel to Mexico is simple and easy!

  • The Goddess Retreat

    Tuition & Registration

    Ready to invest in yourself as the Goddess you are? Excellent! Here's how:


    There are 2 registration options:


    Early Bird Pricing: $5,000



    Early Bird Pricing: $2,222


    Here's what's included in each package:

  • The Goddess Retreat Registration Options

    Embodying the Goddess... your Insta and social media will vibe to the heavens with these Goddess photos! Our photographer even does 'Flying Dress' photos in gorgeous colors!



    For Golden Goddesses!



    Early Bird Pricing Until 5/31/2021


    After 5/31/2021 registration goes to $5,500


    • All Retreat Activites (including entrance fees for cenotes)

    • Transport to beaches and cenotes

    • Accommodations for 5 nights in a private room

    • Arrival Gift in Your Room

    • 100 Professional Photos From Our Photographer on beaches and in cenotes including 'Flying Dress' Photos

    • 2-3 Minute Professional Video From Our Videographer








    For Crystal Goddesses!



    Early Bird Pricing Until 5/231/2021


    After 5/31/2021 registration goes to $2,999


    • All Retreat Activites (including entrance fees for cenotes)

    • Transport to beaches and cenotes

    • 50 Professional Photos From Our Photographer on beaches and in cenotes (does not include 'Flying Dress' Photos)










    *Note: you can purchase additional photography and videography options at the retreat if you choose.

  • Questions You May Have...

    We're here to help! If you have questions, the following may provide answers:

    Travel Arrival & Departure

    Be SURE to arrive on or before WEDNESDAY, JULY 21st!

    Be SURE to book your departure AFTER 5 PM local time on MONDAY, JULY 26th!


    Honor this schedule. We will be in different locales in Mexico that require transport. This transportation at the retreat is included in your registration. Allow for plenty of travel time by FOLLOWING THE SCHEDULE WHEN MAKING YOUR TRAVEL PLANS.

    Friends & Family

    You may wonder if you can bring spouse, friends or family members (who are not registered for the event) with you to Mexico and the answer is YES! Mexico is the kind of destination that the whole family can enjoy.


    Keep these considerations in mind:

    1. Only registered attendees will be permitted at our retreat events and locations. Children will not be permitted at any of our retreat activities as all are for ADULTS ONLY. If you bring children to Mexico, be sure you have someone to look after them while you're participating in the retreat activities from Wednesday to Monday. Feel free to hang with your family, friends and kids BEFORE or AFTER the retreat.

    2. Of course, spouses/partners are welcome to visit Mexico. Please let your spouse/partner read this entire page before making your travel arrangements so that your mate understands you will be participating in retreat activities and events from Wednesday to Monday. Spouses who have come to other events with our community have been fine with exploring the city on their own until their mate is complete with the retreat.

    3. Make sure you make the retreat experience your priority, so that you accomplish what you set out to do.


    Mexico's currency is the PESO. You can easily convert currency at currency traders or withdraw pesos from a bank using your U.S. debit card (if your bank allows... check in advance).


    It's also a great idea to let your bank know you will be traveling if you'll be using your U.S. cards in Mexico.


    If you have specific dining requirements, i.e. keto, paleo, pescatarian, vegan, etc. you'll be happy to know we seek, as best we can, to dine at establishments that offer these options. Please note that Mexico is a country whose cuisine includes lots of meat! Even still, there are a variety of dining options.

    Professional Photography & Videography

    Professional photographers and videographers are hired for this retreat to provide you with beautiful photos. If your package does not include all the photos and videos you'd like, you may be able to purchase additional photo and video options at the retreat. Email us after you register at the email you receive from us to ask questions about additional photo and video options.

    Info Zooms

    We hold informational Zooms for retreat attendees to answer questions and prepare in our hearts and minds for the exquisite retreat experiences we'll share in together. Once you're registered, you'll be invited to attend the private Zooms held for retreat attendees only (the info Zooms are recorded).

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