• The

    Enlightenment Circle



    "An enlightened mind is undisturbed."

    The Teaching of Buddha



    Formerly, the Enlightenment Circle was held Monday through Friday at 9:45 AM ET by conference call.


    We met each morning in expectation of the miraculous, and we were never disappointed.


    While LOVING the Enlightenment Circle in its conference call format, to easier serve souls everywhere, I KNEW in my BONES and HEART it was time to GRADUATE... to move ON to BIGGER adventures in Spirit.


    Thus, from 2019 onward, the Enlightenment Circle is IN PERSON ONLY with amazing events around the globe. There are so many places I would LOVE to usher the family... China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, Bhutan, Jade Mountain and so many more astonishing destinations around the globe (and here at home in the U.S. too!).


    So THAT'S what I've said a big fat YES to:



    NOT on the phone...

    NOT via webinar...




    To hug your neck and dive DEEP with you in LOVE, taking on A Course In Miracles like we really mean it, and having a glorious time resolving issues, raising vibratory rates (and thus our outer world) and MANIFESTING #THATGODOLIFE THO.


    Are you ready?


    If you're in, hop on over to our EVENTS page and register yourself for the next Enlightenment Circle IN PERSON at an astonishing location that will immerse you in SWEET COMMUNITY, RAISE YOUR VIBE, ZAP AWAY OLD PATTERNS, and ACCELERATE YOUR ASCENSION...


    If you're willing.


    I love you and I'll SEE YOU SOON... IN PERSON!!!


    Who the Enlightenment Circle is NOT for:

    Complainers & Whiners

    We do not complain, whine, bitch or moan about ANYTHING. We CHANGE what we do not desire into the DESIRED EXPERIENCE by addressing it from the INSIDE OUT.


    We do not blame. We take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for our lives. We know and practice that our INNER EXPERIENCE is 100% SELF-MANUFACTURED. Therefore ONLY the Self can change one's life. 

    Excuse Makers

    We do not make excuses. We get shit done. Period. End of story.


    We are spiritual GANGSTA's creating a knock-your-socks-off BLISS REALITY on Planet Earth, while being loving AND rich. We do the hard stuff that is ours to do.


    We do not 'catch feelings', get easily insulted, or get mad when someone says something we don't like. We're grown ass folks creating grown ass lives.

    Commitment Breakers

    We do what we say we're going to do, in the way we said we would do it, when we said we would do it. We honor our commitments to SELF and to the CIRCLE, even when it's hard and/or inconvenient and ESPECIALLY when it's hard and/or inconvenient. This gives us the necessary integrity and strength of character to build an AMAZING LIFE of ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.


    We don't do drama.

    With that said, if you're READY to join this 'no-excuses-I'm-doing-it' tribe of SPIRITUAL GANGSTAS,

    you may proceed...

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