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    "An enlightened mind is undisturbed."

    The Teaching of Buddha





    Now you have the opportunity to join a POWERHOUSE community of Queen Goddesses Monday-Friday at 9:45 AM ET via LIVE CONFERENCE CALL for your CELESTIAL DOSE of tools, inspiration, community and secrets to create and manifest ENLIGHTENED WEALTH with KAISI & Friends...


    Don't have a community around you? (this is one of the reasons the Enlightenment Circle was created... to end loneliness...)

    The Enlightenment Circle is that loving community... that sacred circle of love around you for you to catapult your life, wealth and destiny to the stratosphere.


    Don't know what to do day-to-day to create Enlightened Wealth as a Spiritprenuer?

    We got you covered...


    Don't have any accountability to make SURE you do what it takes to created ENLIGHTENED WEALTH?

    That ends NOW...


    The Enlightenment Circle is for you if:


    You're tired of running around doing a lot (especially in social media) with little or no RESULTS...


    You don't know exactly what to do every day to create the results you're looking for...


    You keep trying a little of this and a little of that, but nothing's working the way you want it to...


    You join group after group, but haven't found that perfect fit yet where you feel people really 'get' you...


    You're frustrated with not taking the action you KNOW you could be taking to create your vision as a Spiritprenuer and rake in the moolah you KNOW you could be making...


    You're tired of looking at other people doing it and wondering what's 'wrong' with you...


    You're READY!!!


    Ready to have the results you want: TRAVEL the world, CREATE that HIGH-VIBE TRIBE you know you're here to lead, have way more MONEY IN THE BANK than you require for your delicious lifestyle, be able to GIFT to people and organizations you LOVE...


    Ready to eat where you want to eat, go where you want to go, buy what you want to buy, without having to check first to see if you can 'afford' it...


    If any of this is you... we welcome you to the Enlightenment Circle.


    KAISI is a premium coach whose coaching programs are an investment of

    $25,000 to $100,000


    Yet the Enlightenment Circle is a GREAT VALUE with an investment in yourself of only

    $5,000 per year. YES, you receive an ENTIRE YEAR of Daily Group Coaching for only $5,000.

    (If you'd rather the payment plan of only $444/month, GO HERE)


    RIGHT NOW (EXTENDED UNTIL 1/31/2019) YOU CAN JOIN THE ENLIGHTENMENT CIRCLE FOR ONLY $222/MONTH and STAY at that price for as long as you are an ACTIVE, PAID MEMBER!!!



    (If you're not sure the Enlightenment Circle is for you, and you would love to book a brief Q&A 'Is this right for me' appointment with KAISI, GO HERE)


    Remember, the Uni-Verse REWARDS ACTION TAKERS!



    (Procrastination is a terminal illness.)


    All the clients who work with us are ACTION TAKERS.

    (That's why they get RESULTS.)




    Take ACTION now and we'll connect in the morning!!!


    KAISI & Friends


    P.S. - Don't know if the Enlightenment Circle is for you? See the testimonials below...


    See the 5 YUMMY PERKS & PRIVILEGES of being in the Enlightenment Circle below...


    Questions? See the DETAILS of the Enlightenment Circle below...




    Who the Enlightenment Circle is NOT for:

    Complainers & Whiners

    We do not complain, whine, bitch or moan about ANYTHING. We CHANGE what we do not desire into the DESIRED EXPERIENCE by addressing it from the INSIDE OUT.


    We do not blame. We take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for our lives. We know and practice that our INNER EXPERIENCE is 100% SELF-MANUFACTURED. Therefore ONLY the Self can change one's life. 

    Excuse Makers

    We do not make excuses. We get shit done. Period. End of story.


    We are spiritual GANGSTA's creating a knock-your-socks-off BLISS REALITY on Planet Earth, while being loving AND rich. We do the hard stuff that is ours to do.


    We do not 'catch feelings', get easily insulted, or get mad when someone says something we don't like. We're grown ass folks creating grown ass lives.

    Commitment Breakers

    We do what we say we're going to do, in the way we said we would do it, when we said we would do it. We honor our commitments to SELF and to the CIRCLE, even when it's hard and/or inconvenient and ESPECIALLY when it's hard and/or inconvenient. This gives us the necessary integrity and strength of character to build an AMAZING LIFE of ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.


    We don't do drama.

    With that said, if you're READY to join this 'no-excuses-I'm-doing-it' tribe of SPIRITUAL GANGSTAS,

    you may proceed...

  • KAISI, let me in!

  • Enlightenment Circle Membership

    EXCLUSIVE Perks & Privileges

    5 Yummy advantages of being an 'EC INSIDER'...

    1. Special Promotional Pricing

    Special EC promotional pricing on events, retreats, classes and workshops. You'll see Enlightenment Circle Promotional Pricing when you register for upcoming events, workshops, retreats and other offerings (where applicable).

    2. First Mover Advantage

    You find out about new programs, events and happenings FIRST in the Enlightenment Circle, BEFORE everyone else does (even before happenings appear on the website). You're always ahead of the pack!

    3. Beautiful Invitations

    Last year the Enlightenment Circle wrote a book and created a calendar. Enlightenment Circle members receive special invites to apply for upcoming projects. An invite doesn't automatically guarantee you'll be chosen, but you'll have an invite that the general public doesn't have access to.

    4. Creation Process

    Be in on the creation process with KAISI & Friends. Many of our programs come from hearing from YOU in the EC. You can help shape and mold our upcoming offerings so they're always adding the MOST VALUE. That's our forever goal: TO ADD RICH VALUE TO YOUR LIFE!

    5. Join a Team!

    In the Enlightenment Circle we have teams who volunteer to put together AWESOME events and offerings for our incredible HIGH VIBE TRIBE of LoveTubers (our global community of SOUL ASCENDERS). You can serve the LoveTubers at our events and happenings and have a BALL!

  • Enlightenment Circle Details

    How we roll...

    When We Meet

    We meet Monday-Friday (except holidays) at 9:45 AM ET. We are on for about an hour to an hour and a half (but we've been known to be on for 2 hours (-;) We encourage you to be on the line at 9:44 AM ET or before. We start PROMPTLY at 9:45 AM with the welcomes and roll call.

    How We Meet

    We meet via LIVE CONFERENCE CALL. You can join in and participate from almost any country in the world with our dial in access numbers from around the world.

    What We Cover

    The Enlightenment Circle is totally unscripted. We cover what Spirit has us cover each morning. It is always shockingly ON POINT for what the Circle needs in that moment. Let's call it God.

    When KAISI Travels

    As we know, God travels KAISI all over the globe! When KAISI is away, the Enlightenment Circle continues with our Master Teachers in the community. KAISI may even surprise you and join in while she's away...

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