Welcome to Dubai!

    May 22-26, 2020

    A QUANTUM LEAP in your WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS is here for you!

    Are you ready to to receive LIKE NEVER BEFORE?

  • Join KAISI & Community

    for your Quantum Leap!

    KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love) leads events and retreats all over the world for our incredible global community of soul ascenders. This is one of the biggest EVER!

    Quantum Leap Dubai is packed with adventure, exploration and HUGE expansion experiences for your WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS, MONEY MANIFESTATION and WEALTH CREATION.

    At this event, we deep dive into 5 PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS and HOW TO IMPLEMENT them in 2020.

    This is not simply a fun event to hang out with friends (although you can do that too...)

    The intention for this event is simple:


    If that's what you're committed to creating for yourself and your family,

    this is the event for you...


    Welcome to the:


    Friday to Tuesday, May 22 - 26, 2020

    (Give yourself the gift of a long Memorial Day Weekend in Dubai!)

    Classes Start on Friday Morning, 5/22 @9 AM Dubai Time



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  • Quantum Leap Dubai!

    May 22-26, 2020

    How to Quantum Leap Your Money & Wealth


    I think I know why you're here...


    You KNOW you're destined for wealth, yet it hasn't happened to the level you desire. You've tried almost everything... but for some reason, nothing sticks, and nothing really skyrockets like you want or need it to.


    I know how you feel.


    I've tried soooooo many different money-making/income producing strategies over the 15 years since I sold my financial planning practice at American Express to follow my dream and the inner urging to write and speak as an agent of transformation .


    Over the years, some of the money-making strategies took off to the moon, then quickly came back down to earth. Some strategies never got going to the point I could call a 'success' (even though I was pumping energy in like CRAZY). It was frustrating to say the least, because I knew the results didn't reflect the potential the Creator put in me for magnificence. That was probably the most discouraging part of the whole thing:


    Knowing I wasn't reaching my full potential.


    Each time some income producing strategy doesn't work for you, even though you give your all to it, you have a little less steam to pour into the next one. Doubt starts to cloud your mind and you wonder if you'll EVER be successful in that GRAND SLAM way you KNOW you're born for.




    Mediocrity is not for you. You're here for PURE SOUL MAGNIFICENCE... however it hasn't manifested for you, and you're getting to the place where you have to KNOW that what you're about to pour yourself into (your energy, time, attention and intention) HAS to be WORTH it and HAS to PAY OFF HUGE.


    You're a HUGE SOUL, so HUGE RESULTS befit you.


    That's where I come in... a master transformation agent who's coached thousands of amazing people over the years (in 1-on-1 coaching sessions, group coaching programs, at events, in online programs and more). There's one thing I know:




    I've mastered RESULTS. I guess you could all me a RESULTS SPECIALIST.





    AND, I know why you're not getting results with what you're doing.


    AND, even better, I can show you how to create HUGE RESULTS doing what you LOVE.


    I've done it tons of times for myself and countless others.


    I know what I'm doing.


    If you'll trust me with 5 days of your time, energy, attention and willingness, I make a sacred vow to you that your life will irrevocably change. You've heard that before, so I can understand your reluctance.


    I'm asking you to BELIEVE IN YOUR SOUL MAGNIFICENCE just one more time...

    I'm asking you to GO FOR IT in a BIG WAY that signals to your subconscious mind that you mean BUSINESS.

    I'm asking you to TAKE ACTION on the inner knowing that bought you to this page and that has you reading these words right now.


    I'm asking you to HONOR YOURSELF and the DESTINY you came here to FULFILL.




    I know it's a big ask. And I also know you're a BIG SOUL.


    If you're ready, see details below and TAKE ACTION...




  • Experience Dubai







    Here are a few highlights of Dubai! While these attractions are not included in your tuition, feel free to explore these during your nights in Dubai after class with new and familiar friends.


    Dubai is a city known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. It also offers an array of cultural dining, relaxing beaches, authentic heritage and luxury accommodations.

    We'll be viewing luxury real estate while at our event.

    Burj Khalifa

    Meet the SPECTACULAR Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest towers in the world, dominating the skyscraper-filled skyline. It's nearly three times taller than the Eiffel Tower. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. We LOVE eating at one of the multitude of outdoor eateries at night and watching Dubai Fountain light up the night!

    Desert Tour

    Ride through the dunes of the Dubai desert on camel back and roam the sands enjoying the sunrise views over the golden landscape. Dinner in the desert, sand dune riding, hot air balloon rides and a full feast including belly dancers and more awaits you when you choose to purchase a desert tour. (We'll recommend a company that can take care of this for you when you arrive in Dubai.) Go with friends or on a personal excursion.

    High Tea

    High tea might be a quintessentially British pastime, but Dubai has incredibly decadent and scrumptious options for high tea! Should you choose to indulge your senses in high tea, you'll have plenty of company to join you. High tea is offered in many hotels and establishments in Dubai. Choose a high tea experience that will lavish you with luxury!

    Reservations and payment for high tea can be made at the establishment you select.

    Dubai Mall

    The Dubai Mall is a shopping mall is home of over 1,000 stores and services. It's the second-largest mall in the world by total land area. Dubai Mall is home to the aquarium, where an entrance fee will give you an immersive experience of underwater sea life.

    Fine Dining

    Dubai is home to a large array of restaurants of all sorts including, Burj Al Arab, The only 7 star restaurant in the world! Near where we'll be staying for this event are restaurant choices GALORE that will delight your palate. There are a host of restaurants to choose from if you're a foodie!

  • Quantum Leap Dubai

    Outline & Info

    As a global community of soul ascenders, we travel the world to Magickal hotspots and luxurious spaces, led by Spirit, and divinely designed for you to LET GO OF YOUR OLD LIFE and



    Now, let's get this party STARTED:

    Welcome & Spiritual Practice

    Friday, May 22, 2020

    @9:00 AM Local Time

    Fly into The Dubai Airport.

    It's best to arrive in Dubai the day before our experience begins to ensure you experience it ALL. Though the official start to QUANTUM LEAP DUBAI is on Friday morning @9 AM Local Time, arriving in Dubai 1-2 days before will give you space to restore from travel and prepare for a glorious event.


    Welcome, opening announcements, agenda for the 5 days and our daily spiritual practice start at 9 AM Local Time on Friday, 5/22. BE READY!

    Your Quantum Leap Mornings

    Friday - Tuesday, May 22-26, 2020

    From 9:00 AM to 12 PM Local Time

    Mornings with KAISI & Community:

    We will meet at our designated location and begin at 9 AM Sharp with our daily spiritual practice, which includes prayer, meditation, and additional spiritual practices (revealed at the event) that support you in EXPANSION and EXECUTION. Quantum Leap Mornings are 5 mornings straight at the event: Friday to Tuesday @9 AM Local Time.

    Your Quantum Leap Afternoons

    Friday - Tuesday, May 22-26, 2020

    From 2:00 PM to 5 PM Local Time

    Afternoon Classes With KAISI & Community:

    Each afternoon we dive into EXECUTION on the 5 PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS. You are provided with CLARITY EXERCISES and COACHING so that you KNOW for certain which Passive Income Stream you are taking action on. After gaining CLARITY and COACHING, you execute on the steps we outline for you. 'Quantum Leap Afternoons' are 5 afternoons straight at the event: Friday to Tuesday @9 AM Local Time.

    Evenings on Your Own or With Friends

    Friday - Tuesday, May 22-26, 2020

    After 5 PM Local Time

    Explore Dubai!!!

    It's time to run all over Dubai and have the time of your LIFE! Luscious food awaits you... Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates are there for your shopping pleasure. Attractions in Dubai ABOUND and you are guaranteed to NEVER run out of amazing things to do and see. Go with friends or on personal excursions.

  • The 5 Passive Income Streams

    Here are the 5 Passive Income Streams we'll be deep diving into at the Quantum Leap Dubai Retreat, along with a brief overview of each.


    No concerns if you have NO IDEA which income stream is best for you, or which one to move forward with. IT'S ALL GOOD. Our CLARITY exercises and COACHING at the event will reveal the divinely perfect path for you! Also, please note that the goal of the Passive Income Stream is to create $10,000/month. Focusing on 1 income stream at a time catapults your success. Once you have one passive income stream up and running successfully and profitably, you'll have the system we provide you with at the event to take on another. However, we all start with ONE (more on this at the event).


    No concerns if you have NEVER HEARD of some of the items on this list. IT'S ALL GOOD. That's what great COACHING and COMMUNITY is for. YOU CAN ONLY WIN.


    The following income streams are not assigned to particular days. We cover all the passive income streams each day. You will be executing on your chosen income stream with support and training each day.







    Here's why that approach WON'T WORK (and has NEVER worked)...


    This feeble attempt at success does not return the RESULTS you're seeking because




    If it did, you would already be rich and successful and would therefore have no reason to look at this page right now. But the fact remains, you are here... looking for something (even with all the info you currently have).


    The TRUTH is, the glut of information has actually caused people to be LESS SUCCESSFUL because they're confused and overwhelmed.


    You could do all this on your own... that's true.


    My question is:


    If you could do it on your own, why haven't you yet?

    If you're honest with yourself, you know something else is required (other than more information on how to do it). There are CRITICAL MISSING COMPONENTS to what you find online...


    3 of the critical missing components are:


    1. NO COACHING - no one is reaching their hand out through a YouTube video to show YOU how to do it in the way that only YOU will... you receive COACHING at the event from a master coach that cuts through to the core of how YOU will do it.

    2. NO ACCOUNTABILITY - let's face it, if left to our own devices, we wouldn't get it done. Nothing GREAT was EVER accomplished without accountability (yes, we all require a little fire under the butt).

    3. GOING TOO SLOW - you go slow because you don't know what you're doing. When you're surrounded by people who know exactly what they're doing, and can give it to you, YOU SPEED UP and create RESULTS.


    I could go on and on, but I will end it with this:




    With that said, here are the 5 Passive Income Streams:

    #1 - Real Estate

    In Passive Income Stream #1 we focus on Real Estate Investing, and explore the intricacies of investing in high profit margin, tax-free (in Dubai), luxury real estate in Dubai, and how to go about doing it. We visit luxury real estate while in Dubai and you implement your next steps as a real estate investor in one of the top 5 real estate markets in the WORLD. If you're not quite ready to invest yet, it's all good. We'll also show you how you can be highly compensated as a broker who helps others successfully invest in real estate. Though being a broker is NOT passive income, it can be a significant stepping stone to producing $30,000 or more per transaction. Creating high income puts you in a position to build a 'cash stash' so you can invest when you're ready.

    #2 - Author Royalties

    If you haven't written that book yet (or BOOKS) this is the perfect opportunity! In Passive Income Stream #2, we explore how to create significant author royalties from books you write. With today's top online tools that KAISI gives you training on, your book writing will be as effortless as it can be, while fulfilling you on a soul level and putting amazing work out into the world! You deserve to receive huge blessings by being a huge blessing! Writing, publishing, marketing and selling your books continues to be one of the best ways to create passive income. As the author of 18 books, KAISI can give you first hand knowledge, expertise, and coaching on how to sell thousands of copies of your book (as she's done) with new tools for authors. Most books don't sell more than a few copies. Most authors do not succeed in creating high income. Don't let this be you. Acquire the training, knowledge and execution-based master coaching from someone who's already doing what you desire to accomplish.

    #3 - Book Publishing

    Though book publishing may seem identical to author royalties, IT IS NOT!!! Many people make the mistake of confusing the two, and their results reflect that confusion. Book Publishing as Passive Income Stream #3 is PUBLISHING BOOKS that you DON'T WRITE. The no-content, low-content book craze has hit and the explosion is upon us! In this training we delve into the exact same system a journal creator uses to generate over $30,000/month with one journal. Book Publishing may be for you if you're not a writer, yet you're creative. The doors are open! Let's walk through...

    #4 - Knowledge

    Your knowledge as online courses can be a highly profitable income stream. The problem is that the world of online courses is extremely complex, prohibiting most people from taking productive ACTION. Now, it's all SIMPLIFIED so you POWER FORWARD FAST with your online course creation based on what you ALREADY KNOW. No learning new info to create content. You ALREADY KNOW IT. Now it's time to put what you ALREADY KNOW our into the world in the form of VALUE that can be digested by others and provides a TRANSFORMATION for them. You ALREADY KNOW your content like the back of your hand, which makes this step IMMEDIATELY ACTIONABLE. The reason most people don't make a course about what they ALREADY KNOW is because they take it for granted (because it comes naturally to them) and thus they do not ascribe a high VALUE to their KNOWLEDGE. This ends at the retreat. No matter what your field of expertise (from knitting to popcorn to bees) there is an AUDIENCE on the other side WAITING FOR YOU!

    #5 - Wellness Vortex

    Do you love coaching others? Especially in the realm of health and wellness? Let's be real, none of us can accomplish very much with a body that is not HEALTHY, HAPPY, FLEXIBLE, VIBRANT, YOUTHFUL and FULL OF ENERGY. That's where you come in. You have the opportunity to coach others in their health and receive SUBSTANTIAL passive income in the model we reveal to you. Here's where PASSION and HEALTH and WEALTH align for MAX RESULTS.


    Now that you have a TASTE of what we're diving into at the Quantum Leap Dubai Retreat, are you ready to make a commitment to your self, backed up with an investment in yourself? If you are, CONGRATS BOO!!! YOU ARE TAKING THE NEXT BEST STEP to align your heart, soul, mind, body, breath and abundance into a spectacular life experience that reflects FREEDOM!!!


    Let's do this...

  • Quantum Leap Dubai

    Tuition & Registration

    Ready to invest in yourself? Excellent! Here's how:


    Your Tuition for Quantum Leap Dubai Includes:

    30 Hours of In-Depth Coaching, Training & Consciousness Raising on MONEY MANIFESTATION and WEALTH CREATION. This is a crash course on passive income and is the jam-packed event that provides you with EXPANSION in consciousness and EXECUTION on your chosen passive income stream that you require to create RESULTS.

    The structure of this event is 6 hours per day for 5 days. Take advantage of every moment!


    What's Not Included:

    Airfare & Travel








    There are 2 options for investing in yourself by registering for this event:


    Registration via Eventbrite with Credit/Debit Card:

    $1111/per person


    Registration via CashApp or Zelle:

    $999/per person


    Please note: if you choose to pay cash via CashApp or if you choose to register via Zelle (if your bank is a member of Zelle) your pricing is lower than Eventbrite registration. This is not a discount for paying with cash. This is a courtesy for our event attendees who choose to pay via CashApp and/or Zelle because it saves our company time, energy and fees.

    Feel free to register in any manner that's best for you.

    The most important thing is that you're PRESENT and attain your TRANSFORMATION!




    If you desire to register on Eventbrite with a credit or debit card, go HERE.


    If you desire to register using CashApp, follow these 2 steps:

    1. Send $999 to $MakaniLove on CashApp

    2. Send a text to 801.871.5683 with your NAME and EMAIL address to receive a confirmation email with further details.


    If you desire to register using Zelle, follow these 2 steps:

    1. Send $999 via Zelle (use this email: love@valerielove.com).

    2. Send a text to 801.871.5683 with your NAME and EMAIL address to receive a confirmation email with further details.

    (If you don't know if your bank uses Zelle, go HERE.)


    If you have questions regarding registration, feel free to text 801.871.LOVE

    This event and event related expenses may be tax-deductible, depending on your specific financial situation.

    This is not tax or financial advice. Consult your tax adviser.

  • Accommodations

    Note: You are responsible for accommodations, airfare and travel expenditures.

    Once you're registered, you'll receive a confirmation email with specifics on where we're staying and how to book your accommodations, as well as how to find roommates if you desire.

  • Questions You May Have...

    We're here to help! If you have questions, the following may provide answers:

    Travel Arrival & Departure

    Fly in to Dubai Airport (DXB).


    Arrive in Dubai 1-2 days BEFORE the event begins. The event begins on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 9 AM local time. Dubai is 9 hours ahead of Eastern time. Arriving early means your body can adjust to local time. Arriving early also means you can prepare for a GREAT experience on the first morning of the event!


    Depart Dubai AFTER 8 PM Local Time on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. The event ends on Tuesday, May 20 @5 PM local time. Give yourself time to say toodles to your fellow retreat attendees and travel to the airport with plenty of time.


    Staying a few days after the event is a fun way to discover and explore Dubai and Abu Dhabi, especially if you've bought friends and family along!

    Friends & Family

    You may wonder if you can bring spouse, friends or family members (who are not registered for the event) with you to Dubai and the answer is YES! Dubai is the kind of destination that the whole family can enjoy. Keep these considerations in mind:

    1. Only registered attendees will be permitted in our event space. Children will not be permitted in our classrooms. If you bring children to Dubai, be sure you have someone to look after them while you're in class for 6 hours a day for 5 days.
    2. Spouses/partners are welcome to visit Dubai. Please let your spouse/partner read this entire page before making your travel arrangements so that your mate understands you will be in class for 6 hours a day for 5 days. Spouses who have come to other events have been fine with exploring the city on their own until their mate is out class, and then they hang out at night.
    3. Make sure you make the retreat experience your priority, so that you accomplish what you set out to do.


    Dubai is in the Arab world and is mainly Islamic.


    When considering your attire, keep in mind that the Arab world may be different from your home or place of origin. Be SURE to pack clothing that reflects good taste and the fact that you are embarking on an excursion to a conservative region of the world. For exact details, do a simple online search for what would be considered appropriate attire so as to respect local customs and culture. We LOVE being GREAT GLOBAL CITIZENS!


    With this being said, our community respects citizens of all cultures and understands that care must be exercised for an optimal retreat experience.


    DO NOT pack clothing that may be problematic in the Arab world.


    DO NOT pack magickal implements and items, as these may be appropriated upon arrival in Dubai (my Tarot deck was promptly removed from my luggage without my consent or awareness in Dubai). BE AWARE.


    DO NOT pack ANYTHING that may be problematic in an Islamic country.


    If unsure of what to pack or wear, do a simple search online or on YouTube for ideas and guidance so that you have an AMAZING EXPERIENCE AT QUANTUM LEAP DUBAI!


    Dubai is a member of U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) and the currency is the DIRHAM (AED).


    Simply Google the current exchange rate from USD to AED to understand the economics of your visit and prepare appropriately.

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