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My $350 to $2,300 Bitcoin Story & A Whole Lot More - LIVE SHOW EPISODE 7

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My $350 to $2,300 Bitcoin Story & A Whole Lot More

I'm always buying more Bitcoin. In July of 2020, I bought $350 worth of Bitcoin in one of my wallets. I checked that wallet in February 2021 and the small investment had turned into $2,300. This blog is NOT about financial advice. This blog shares with you my crypto journey, tips, training, strategies, tools and resources that you can RESEARCH for yourself to determine what works best for you. Let's dive into DCA (dollar cost averaging) into Bitcoin and a tool designed for that purpose. Love you and thank you for being here!

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Dollar Cost Averaging

A really simple and easy way to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible is to set a schedule for dollar cost averaging.

Buying Bitcoin on a regular schedule, such as every Monday, or every 15th of the month, allows access to the dips and over time could give a better overall price for purchases (rather than trying to time the market).

Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset (which I like, I have a stomach for big dips and big highs... you'll have to determine your risk tolerance and what you're willing to risk for the gains you're seeking, it could be helpful to seek professional financial advice that pertains expressly to you and your unique financial fingerprint) with huge swings. If you can't sleep well at night with the volatility, this may not be the way for you to grow wealth.

This is Bitcoin for spiritual people, so PEACE is a huge part of the equation.

Swan Bitcoin

I hang out in Bitcoin Maximalist Clubhouse rooms and hear quite a few people talking about Swan Bitcoin.

Full disclosure: I don't use it and therefore cannot recommend it. I do not share affiliate links for products and services that I don't personally use and have found valuable.

I'm passing on the info, and I will eventually open a wallet there and give it a whirl.

The reason I don't use Swan Bitcoin is because I'm an entrepreneur who's paid daily and prefer to make my Bitcoin purchases manually based on a number of factors.

A set purchasing schedule is perfect for some people and not for others. Once again, you get to determine the best course for you and your family's wealth based on your overall financial picture (I know I sound like a financial planner... that's because I used to be one and haven't gotten it out of my system, which could be a blessing).

Either way, dollar cost averaging in the investment world has proven its benefits, so applying it to Bitcoin purchases could reap rewards as well.

Gemini Wallet

Unlike Swan Bitcoin, I can offer the Gemini wallet as a resource (I use it and love it).

Every Bitcoin/crypto wallet has its pros and cons. A BIG pro of using the Gemini wallet is the nice emails with built in Bitcoin and crypto education. I like that the Winklevoss twins have created a really thoughtful product with the newbie crypto investor in mind.

Of course, if you're a Bitcoin pro, you can ignore all those educational emails. Even though I'm in Bitcoin Class of '14, I still read and study all I can about the technology that took the world by storm.

Since I use and like Gemini, I can offer a referral link. DO YOUR RESEARCH to determine if it's right for you. If you decide to move forward, we'll both receive $10 in Bitcoin if you use this link.

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LOVE YOU & see you at your own bank,


Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the author of 24 books on practical spirituality and teaches globally at retreats and events on how to experience FREEDOM: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. See options for working with Rev. Val HERE. You are loved!

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