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Influencers & Creatives: A Power Tool to Get Paid and Receive Crypto From Your Audience - LIVE SHOW EPISODE 2

Crypto Convo for Spiritual People

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Influencers & Creatives: Let's Get You More Crypto!

You know how your audience is always looking for ways to tip you?

Influencers and creatives often receive CashApp payments, or superchats on YouTube, or PayPal payments as tips from generous members of our audience who love, appreciate and find value in our content. This blog post provides a resource and instructions for you to receive crypto without buying crypto. Nothing here is financial advice. I provide resources, information, inspiration and education for your FREEDOM. Now let's get down to business.

NOTE: KAISI moderates the

"Wealth Meditation & Crypto Conversation"

Live Show on Clubhouse on Sunday's @12 Noon ET!

Access the priceless recordings here and take your wealth creation with crypto to new levels:


Episode 1:

Access the raw, uncut training of Val coaching new entrants to crypto on wallets, exchanges, the 3 R's, answering questions and dropping jewels HERE for only $9.99


Episode 2:

Access the raw, uncut training of Val teaching how the government steals your money, what Cardano is doing in Africa, how Bitcoin actually works (in simple terms), and coaching YouTube creatives and influencers on how to start with crypto without buying crypto HERE for only $9.99


These are recordings of the episodes of our live Clubhouse show. Enjoy!

Crypto Resource for Influencers & Creatives

I found this resource from fellow YouTubers and LOVE IT!!! It's called Cointree. Here's a link to my Cointree so you get an idea of how it looks:

This site allows you to set up which cryptocurrencies you accept as tips from your audience.

Rather than accepting fiat currency, accept crypto instead, or in addition!

Setting up the Cointree page was fairly simplistic and straightforward, however I'll add a couple of hacks here...

P.S. - I go into detail about this resource and coach participants in setting up their accounts in the training HERE

Setting Up Your Cointree

I'm a crypto OG (original gangsta lol) so I know how to navigate my way around wallets, exchanges and addresses. If you're new to crypto, pay close attention to this info...

  1. Open your Cointree account. (Please follow this exact link as there's another Cointree website that is different from this one.) To make it pretty, add your cute pic and a little message to your audience.
  2. Open the wallet that contains the crypto you'd like to receive (i.e. Bitcoin).
  3. Copy the Bitcoin wallet address from your wallet and paste into the appropriate field on Cointree.
  4. If you'd like to receive other cryptocurrencies that are not on the Cointree list, click the the CUSTOM option at the bottom of the list of cryptocurrencies. Then add the name of the crypto in the first field and the address to that crypto in the next field.
  5. VOILA! Give the link to your audience, promote it and receive crypto without buying crypto!
It's also nice that you can add other links to the bottom of your Cointree page.
Now let's talk about a CRITICAL WARNING...


Be SUPER CAREFUL when you are filling in the addresses for each crypto so as to avoid loss! Cryptocurrencies are ADDRESS SPECIFIC. A Bitcoin address will NOT work for Ethereum and vice versa.

Sending the wrong cryptocurrency to an address not suited for that crytpo results in PERMANENT LOSS OF FUNDS.

(I teach how to protect yourself in the training, so be sure to pick it up HERE... $9.99 is a modest investment to learn how to do this properly.)

For example, if a patron intends to send you ETH, but uses a BTC address, you will not receive the funds and the patron will lose their money. This is not good for either party.

BE SURE YOUR AUDIENCE UNDERSTAND HOW THIS WORKS. Creating a page on your website or a blog post that provides proper instructions for your audience can go a long way to avoid mishaps (which are plentiful in the world of crypto). Making a video for them is even better.

Of course, educate your audience in the ways that are best aligned with your brand. If you don't normally make videos, then don't make a video. Create education in the content formats your audience is accustomed to receiving from you.

Have Fun!

Enjoy your wealth building in the fast-paced, dynamic crypto markets and remember to have fun! And, set your chimes to be with us on the LIVE SHOW on Sunday's @12 Noon ET on the Clubhouse app (it's only on iPhones for now, coming to Android soon) where KAISI moderates a Wealth Meditation & Crypto Conversation for spiritual people.

See you at your own bank,


Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the author of 20 books on practical spirituality and teaches globally at retreats and events on how to experience FREEDOM: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. See options for working with Rev. Val HERE. You are loved!

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