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Huge Bitcoin Announcement! LIVE SHOW EPISODE 4

Bitcoin for Spiritual People

My Latest Bitcoin AHA Moment...

As of today, Sunday, 2/21/2021, I return to being a Bitcoin Maximalist. Going forward, I will only buy Bitcoin. I'm placing all my bets on the grand daddy of crypto. (Hear the shocking news straight from the horse's mouth here on the recording of Episode 4 for only $9.99)

What caused this come to Jesus moment for a crypto gal who loves all things crypto, incuding many altcoins? 2 big factors...

Reason #1

1. I joined Clubhouse and did a swan dive into Bitcoin from all perspectives. I listened in on conversations between Bitcoin Maximalists and altcoiners. After listening to all sides and taking it all in, I came home to my first love: Bitcoin and to the feeling that's been in my gut since 2014 that says: this is the one.

NOTE: KAISI leads the "Bitcoin for Spiritual People" LIVE SHOW on Clubhouse on Sunday's @12 Noon ET.

(Access the raw, uncut LIVE SHOW of Val coaching new entrants to crypto HERE for only $9.99) This is a recording from the live Clubhouse event of Episode 1. Enjoy!

I call this coming home because I started my Bitcoin journey in November of 2014, and was all in on Bitcoin and Bitcoin only. There were no altcoins to look at, research or perform analysis on for possible moon-shot potential. That all came later.

I originally fell in love with Bitcoin. I originally saw that Bitcoin was the one to change everything. I guess you could say I'm returning home to my first love, and it feels damn amazing.

Reason #2

It's exhausting tying to keep up with crypto markets. It changes every second at breakneck speed. If I have funds invested in 20 different cryptos, I have to keep up with 20 different projects, including the principals involved, the communities, the developers and the progress they're making. It was a LOT to keep up with (and I'm a person who loves research and is free to manage my own time).

Not only was it exhausting, it made me somewhat jittery to think of all the possibilities with all these cryptos, and to research all the ones I found promising or intriguing. The tidal wave of new cryptos goes on unabated, and it looked like I might get swept out to the ocean.

I had to shut off all the noise and FOCUS. Returning my focus to simply Bitcoin was an instant relief. I could relax again.

I heard someone in a Clubhouse room mention the 3 rules of Bitcoin:

  1. Buy it.
  2. Shut the eff up.
  3. Become fabulously wealthy.

Period. BTW, 'shut the eff up' means no complaining, whining, bitching and/or moaning over price fluctuations or anything else. It doesn't mean keeping quiet about Bitcoin. Bitcoin doesn't have a marketing team. That's our job. We light the way for anyone who's ready to exit the burning building that is the fiat system. Now, for another resource for you to receive free Bitcoin...

Receive Free Bitcoin From Shopping

I realize it may seem strange, but you can now acquire Bitcoin by shopping with a simple Google chrome extension called Lolli.

According to their website, "Lolli gives you free bitcoin or cash when you shop at over 1,000 top stores."

When you use my link, we'll both receive free Bitcoin. Research it for yourself to see if it's a good fit for you.

Lastly, are you on Clubhouse? If not, be SURE to hop on! If you are, be SURE to hop in our room each Sunday @12 Noon ET: "Bitcoin for Spiritual People" (formerly called "Wealth Meditation & Crypto Conversation").

Get caught up on episodes. They're all recorded. Episode 4 was a BLAST. Get the recording here for only $9.99 (and hear Harmony's story of $4 to $4,000 in Bitcoin...).

LOVE YOU & see you at your own bank,


Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the author of 21 books on practical spirituality and teaches globally at retreats and events on how to experience FREEDOM: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. See options for working with Rev. Val