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How to Be a Bitcoin Millionaire by 2024

Bitcoin for Spiritual People

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You Can Be a Bitcoin Millionaire...

But how? (I teach the exact STEPS, AMOUNTS and DATES in this Bitcoin Investing Masterclass: "How to Be a Bitcoin Millionaire by 2024")

If you're unclear on EXACTLY how money works in the global economy, you are seriously hampered in your wealth accumulation and in securing your family's financial future.

A trade off is required to become wealthy:


in exchange for


It's a trade most people are unwilling to make.

That's another reason to love Bitcoin. I think it makes this exchange easier. If I can exchange a slice of my fiat currency today for the growth of Bitcoin over time, it becomes a more exciting possibility rather than the boring habit my mom forced on us as kids: adding money to a savings account that was going nowhere slowly.

Bitcoin gives you the opportunity to lower your 'time preference' so that you amp up the focus on your tomorrow self, and make that person as wealthy as you can with today's resources (more than you focus on spending today's resources on making your life as cushy and comfy as you can right now).

Is it hard for you to save?

If you're the kind of person who couldn't save two nickels if they walked up and slapped you in the face, Bitcoin can be your saving grace (no pun intended).

Bitcoin can save you from yourself. You have the once in a lifetime opportunity to put a slice of today's income into a vault and watch it grow over time. Of course, there's no gaurantee Bitcoin will continue to go up. When I was a financial advisor, a fave disclaimer I offered clients was the truth that past performance is not a gaurantee of future returns.

However, we can look at global factors and intuit that Bitcion may be the hardest, most widely distributed money we've EVER had a race. That's BIG NEWS.

If you think you're too late for the Bitcoin revolution, I offer you this consideration:

Less than 1% of the world owns Bitcoin. This simple truth represents the juiciest investment opportunity since the invention of the internet.

What do you imagine may happen when that number goes to 5%? Or 20%? Or the whole world?


The oppotunity to invest in Bitcoin for assymetrial risk reward is a window that will close one day.

MAKE YOUR MOVE NOW. Value your tomorrow self over today's comfort. You'll love you for it.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Bitcoin Investing Masterclass taught by KAISI: "How to Be a Bitcoin Millionaire by 2024" (the EXACT steps, amounts, dates and investment strategies for you to secure substantial wealth before the opportunity passes...).

It's time to be your own bank,