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BITCOIN EXPLAINED SIMPLY - New Show on the YouTube Channel! (And why it matters for you NOW...)

Bitcoin for Spiritual People

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A Confused Mind Says “NO”

Bitcoin is NOT easy to understand. It can be confusing. (That's why I'm giving you 3 resources at the end of this blog post that can catapult your understanding AND your WEALTH.) 

Because Bitcoin is hard to wrap the mind around, billions of the earth’s population remain enslaved to failing fiat currencies or languish in debt slavery.

The worst part of it is: 


For those who have no access to debt, free capital or financial instruments (called the ‘unbanked’) the situation is gravely worse.

With no means of saving for tomorrow, and no sound currency for today, somewhere near two thirds of the world’s population are destined to create generational poverty rather than a generational legacy.

This must change. The revolution has arrived.

It’s called Bitcoin.

Are you in?

The way I see it, you’re either happy with the status quo or you’re actively working for CHANGE. There’s no middle ground. That’s a truth I love about Bitcoin… when you REALLY get it, it changes everything. It has a way of hijacking your life for the better. You thought your life was about something else, and when you discover Bitcoin, you find out what your life is REALLY about: being a Freedom Purveyor and an Abundance Ambassador.

That’s what I do. I seek to set people free as an active participant in creating a world of ABUNDANCE for ALL (not just the elite or lucky few, of which I am a beneficiary).

We’re blessed to BE a blessing. If you’re reading this and reside in a developed nation where you can easily walk down the street to your corner bank, flash a few papers and open as many bank accounts as you'd like, or you have an eTrade account or trade and invest on the Robin Hood app, or you have any such access to capital markets, count yourself BOTH elite and lucky.

You’re elite because you have what most of the world doesn’t. Count yourself lucky because, through no effort of your own, you were born in a place where access to financial instruments is easy.

If we’re elite and lucky, don’t we have a responsibility to those who aren’t? Mind you, I’m not a bleeding heart socialist, nor am I naive enough to think that access to financial markets equates to thriving. It doesn’t, and socialism is not my style.

Access is access. What each person does with said access is a wholly personal affair. I’m not so interested in what people do with their sovereign rights as I am keenly committed to creating a world in which we all remember and exercise them to the best of our capabilities and personal desires.

I was a financial advisor with American Express for 7 years. I’ve traveled to many countries, including a visit to Kenya where I saw people walk several miles to go to work at jobs where they were paid the equivalent of $3/day. Yes, someone may be well able to live on $3/day in their local currency. After all, everything’s relative.

The issue isn’t so much working for subsistence wages. The negative financial issues are magnified by an absence of a means to store a bit of one’s salary today (if one could even spare it) in an instrument that will turn that energy into significantly more in the future.

This is, in essence, a damnation to work until dropping into a hole in the ground that someone throws dirt over. Where’s the peace? Where’s the respite? Where’s the harvest of one’s labors? Where’s the savoring in one’s advanced years after having duly contributed one’s blood, sweat and tears to society? Is that what life is all about? Work until you die? What’s the point?

How does one become free of this meaningless and depressing reality?


That’s how. The beauty of Bitcoin is that a few satoshis today (procured with a tiny amount of fiat currency) can turn into a fortune later.

This is how we turn the tide of the forever poor.

This is how we give everyone an opportunity (not a handout) to stand on one’s own feet (as my forebears loved to drill into us), pick oneself up by the proverbial bootstraps and make something of oneself (I realize there are way too many responsibility epithets in this sentence, just making a point).

Our forebears were right. Responsibility matters. AND we need more than responsibility. I’ve witnessed a plethora of highly responsible, broke people… who tirelessly labor responsibly for decades with nothing to show for it.

They’re not aware they’re feeding their energy into a broken system. If they are aware, they have no way out.

Until now.

The Way Out is BITCOIN

I don’t mean to proselytize. Yet I’m sure I’ll be a Bitcoin evangelist until the whole world is free and abundant (to the level that each person chooses).


That was my mantra when Bitcoin dropped into my spirit in November 2014 in a meditation. I’d handily dismissed that little orange ‘B’ I’d seen bobbing around the web for months prior.

That’s just some dumb gamer money. It’s not real.

That was my financial advisor trained mind speaking. I didn’t consider the possibilities, thanks to my past training and ‘expertise’ (plus I’m from New York; skepticism is an ethos).

I think really smart people miss things because of blindness to our own cognitive biases.

I had to hear it from a Higher Source. I did, and I listened. I researched it like crazy. My mouth fell open when it finally DAWNED ON ME WHAT BITCOIN IS… it was a Satori moment of a lifetime.

I’m still awed. Dumbstruck. We did it. We figured out how to free the world.

Join Me...

I’m on a mission. We can free the entire world and bring abundance to every corner of the globe with a simple adoption: BITCOIN.

Buy it if you understand it. Buy it even if you don’t fully understand it and learn as you go. Buy it and gift it. Buy it and use it.

We live at a juncture in human society that has NEVER OCCURRED: the complete reformation of money on the ENTIRE PLANET. We’re doing this collectively, as a race. This is astonishing.

Are you on board? If so, here’s how to put on your laser eyes and proceed:

ARM YOURSELF with KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is NOT power. APPLIED knowledge is WISDOM. If you're up for changing the world, here are 2 steps you can take NOW...


Learn and take action. Make mistakes. Learn more. Course correct. Take bigger action. Keep taking WISE, COURSE CORRECTED, BIG action until you have your prize. (I put tons of resources at the bottom of this blog post... you can start there.


Grab someone and teach them (if they’ll listen). Send them a few sats to get them off zero. Send them a referral link from your favorite wallet. When they fund their account, you’ll both be rewarded. Teach your kids and your kids’ kids. Teach your whole family. Teach your friends. Teach anyone who will listen.

The revolution will not be televised.

That’s because it’s happening right in front of our eyes. You can watch, or you can swan dive in and change the world.

I love you,


I help spiritual people become wealthy and free. If that's you, here are 3 resources I promised you:

1. There's a new show on the YouTube channel! "BITCOIN EXPLAINED SIMPLY" is the best way to learn and share. GO HERE FOR THE LATEST EPISODES

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