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40-Day Prosperity Plan by John Randolph Price - Day 10 (There's a LOT of resources in this one...)

Wealth Strategies for Spiritual People

· 40-Day Prosperity

Day 10:

"I keep my mind and thoughts off "this world," and I place my entire focus on God within as the only Cause of my prosperity. I acknowledge the Inner Presence as the only activity in my financial affairs, as the substance of all things visible. I place my faith in the Principle of Abundance in action within me."

and LISTEN TO THE RECORDING (it's audio only on YouTube)

We covered a LOT today...

You'll find a few of the resources we spoke of this morning below. Use them well. They made me new.

Love you,


More resources for you:

Research KAIZEN (we talked about it today)

Wealth classes:

Wealth courses:

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