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10 Commandments of Crypto - LIVE SHOW EPISODE 3

Crypto Convo for Spiritual People

Let's Make Sure Our Heads Are On Straight...

Before getting started in Crypto, a reorientation is in order. Our thinking MUST change when making the move from FIAT currencies and investments to the crazy crypto world. Even more important, our emotions MUST be put on a leash to prevent sabotage of our Crypto wealth. The following 10 Commandments are for this EXACT purpose...

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EVERY episode is like a college class.

(Access the raw, uncut 2-hour Live Show of these "10 Commandments" in DETAIL, AND "7 Critical Criteria" to evaluate a crypto protocol BEFORE investing any money, and the problems with buying crypto through CashApp or Coinbase HERE for only $9.99) This is a recording of the live show on Clubhouse full of crypto gold. Enjoy!

The 10 Commandments of Crypto

1st Commandment - Thou shalt BE YOUR OWN BANK. Remember, you are a sovereign being, with sovereign rights over your assets. This means YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for custody of your Bitcoin (NOT a 3rd party). You are likely in crypto because you're all for FREEDOM. Don't give away your freedom by letting other people hold your keys. For details, get the recording here.

2nd Commandment - Thou shalt RESEARCH, STUDY & LEARN. A complete mind adjustment is required when entering the crypto space. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. This is the ONLY way to get o the truth for YOU. Do NOT believe ANYONE. Do NOT take ANYONE's word for it. STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED applies here more than ever.

3rd Commandment - Thou shalt understand and be aware of your INTENTIONS and UNIQUE FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT so as to manage your life like a BITCOINER. Being in crypto means more than buying crypto. If you're to maximize your wealth, you must understand your internal motivations and external circumstances when entering these wild and crazy markets. An appropriate investment approach for you would be entirely inappropriate for someone else. Follow the leader and other 'copycat' methods do NOT work in crypto and are a detriment to your wealth creation.

4th Commandment - Thou shalt START. You won't gain wealth if you don't START with ACTUAL MONEY. You'll have to TAKE A RISK and actually buy Bitcoin/crypto. You're like all the rest of us if you're nervous to jump in. Even if you begin with $10, START. If you started and stopped, or started and messed up, START AGAIN.

5th Commandment - Thou shalt HODL. Even when it's hard, HOLD on to your Bitcoin and your wealth. It's hard to HODL for reasons we outline in the LIVE SHOW. Even still, wealth isn't built from being punked out of crypto by volatile markets or life fluctuations. Set yourself up to WIN by setting your LIFE up as a Bitcoiner (see 3rd Commandment).

6th Commandment - Thou shalt be a contributing member of the CRYPTO COMMUNITY (Bitcoin Church we called it lol). Be a member of the global community. Find communities on Clubhouse, YouTube, Reddit and all other available outlets who are having the KIND OF CRYPTO CONVERSATION you desire to engage in. Not all crypto communities will be up your alley. Some won't resonate for you. Others will. It's up to you to find your crypto tribe. GETTING WEALTHY IS A TEAM SPORT! And, IRON SHARPENS IRON. You don't have to do this alone. Join the convo!

7th Commandment - Thou shalt be a VISIONARY. Don't look back. Yesterday is gone. There's a big fat future waiting for us with open arms. The world needs visionary leadership. If you can see the future, work towards that future and take other people along with you for the ride.

8th Commandment - Thou shalt keep thy EMOTIONS IN CHECK. Never succomb to FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt... the triple threat in crypto). With the extreme amount of FUD in the mass consciousness around Bitcoin and all things crypto, we're looking to you to keep your head on straight. If we keep our emotions in check, and stay AWAY from 'fudsters' (people who propagate fear, uncertainty and doubt) we will avoid a HUGE trap in crypto: making emotional decisions. They are almost ALWAYS wrong.

9th Commandment - Thou shalt seek opportunities to use and convert to crypto in real life, and not just use it for speculation. How can you incorporate crypto in your daily life? It's the future, and the future is here, so why not USE IT NOW? (Ways to use crypto in your daily life is on the recording of the LIVE SHOW here.)

10th Commandment - Thou shalt PAY IT FORWARD. Teach what you learn. Help others free themselves financially. Give others the benefit of your knowledge. Remember, we only get to keep what we give away (that applies to love and knowledge).

Bottom Line...

I guess the bottom line of this message is to make the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL LEAP to crypto, not just the dollar leap. If you do, you'll avoid a rack of mistakes and self-sabotaging experiences many of us have already lived through as part of the learning curve. You don't have to have the same experience. Learn from our mistakes!

NOTE: To prevent COSTLY mistakes, invest in yourself and your education. Access HOURS of in-depth crypto training in our library for only $9.99 each. It's worth a small investment now to protect against big mistakes later.

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the author of 20 books on practical spirituality and teaches globally at retreats and events on how to experience FREEDOM: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. See options for working with Rev. Val HERE. You are loved!

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