Valerie Love
Divine Midwife of Soul Destiny


When no one 'gets' you, and you wonder why you're here, and you have no idea where to start looking for answers, know that answers from Spirit are available to you...

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Rev. Valerie Love is an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, a seer and the healing light and love of God here on a Soul mission to inspire and teach through the power of LOVE. She is a Spiritual Life Coach, a practicing Christian Witch and the author of 11 books on practical spirituality. She is the founding minister of BOOST Morning Inspiration, a global community of like-minded souls here to anchor love, light and truth on the planet. Most of all, Rev. Val is here to midwife your magnificent Soul Destiny.

God is in love with you...and there's not a thing you can do to change it!

Offerings Include:

  • Enlightening Retreats
  • Eye-opening Coaching
  • BOOST! Morning Inspiration
  • Speaking
  • Books
  • VIP Days