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    Rev. Valerie Love

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    "Lightworker Empire Online"

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    For years I struggled with blogs, technology, video production & editing, social media, and software package after software package promising BIG PROFITS while I sat home in my PJ's watching the dollars roll in.


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    "Your Book in 90 Days"

    1-on-1 Book Coaching

    Let's get that book baby birthed! You've been carrying it around long enough...


    It took me over 10 years to write and publish my first book. Now, after writing and publishing 10 more, I can state with certainty: it doesn't take 10 years to write a book! Your book can now be produced in a DAY!!! YES, in 1 day!!!


    With Rev. Val's book coaching, your book baby joins the roster of dozens of other books Rev. Val has had the blessing of Midwifing. If you're ready to take the radical step of being a published author and having your book baby out in the world, apply now.


    Investment: $5,000